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Organisation und Transformation Insights

  • Transformation Checklist

    Die Oliver Wyman Transformation Checklist für eine erfolgreiche Transformation unterstützt Unternehmenslenker gezielt bei komplexen Transformationsprozessen. Das können Sie konkret von uns erwarten:
  • What role will HR play in 2020-2025?

    What role will HR play in 2020-2025?

    Demografischer Wandel, technologische Innovationen und kulturelle Veränderungen werden die Arbeitswelt von morgen transformieren. Im Spannungsfeld dieser Megatrends werden sich die Aufgaben, die Rolle und der Einflussbereich von Personalverantwortlichen tiefgreifend verändern.

    Der vorliegende Report von Oliver Wyman, Orange und Mercer analysiert die Entwicklungen und zeigt auf Basis z...

  • Global Business Services

    Global Business Services

    The role of the Corporate Center and the support functions continue to evolve in an economic context which is pushing enterprises to explore both cost reductions and new growth opportunities.

    Over the past decade, Shared Services have become the norm for support functions. Today, we consistently find the multi-functional « Global Business Services » model to be a reliable answer to cr...



    Edition 3 – January 2013

    The role of corporate headquarters may sometimes appear to be engraved in stone, but there are actually many reasons to rethink the role of  the Corporate Center in a business organization, in line with internal strategic decisions or external pressures.

    This issue of "EMPREINTES DE DIRIGEANTS" is hence devoted to develo...


    Changing Behaviors to Drive Growth and Performance POV

    For most executives and senior leaders today, the consequences of not transforming organizations at the right moment or of managing change poorly are much more visible and more widely understood. Once-successful companies considered "too big to fail" have done just that!

    At Oliver Wyman, the theme of Changing Behaviors has become timely and very relevant for many clients, across mult...


    Organisationsstrukturen für mehr Wachstum in der Luft-, Raumfahrt- und Verteidigungsindustrie

    Während die wichtigen strategischen Themen für die Luft-, Raumfahrt- und Verteidigungsindustrie bereits umfassend analysiert wurden, liegen in der Optimierung von Organisationsstrukturen noch entscheidende Potenziale für nachhaltiges Wachstum. Folgende Herausforderungen gilt es zu bewältigen:

    Aufbau eines geeigneten zukunftsfähigen Organisationsmodells, das zugleich kurzfristige Er...


    Cracking the Organizational Code for Growth

    As the year unfolds, the economic outlook is uncertain. With expansion slowing across the growth engine economies, Europe weighed down by debt, and the US turning in lackluster results at best, a mood of pessimism prevails. In this context of widespread economic malaise, many multinationals and other large corporations are finding sustaining a growth trajectory to be a profound challenge. Th...


    Culture Clash: Diagnosing The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Your Most Important Element For Change

    (CI) Continuous improvement is defined as a deeply rooted and unrelenting drive to constantly enhance business processes and eliminate waste. Most companies are not ready for the cultural shift that is needed for a continuous improvement program to succeed. Oliver Wyman analysis reveals five aspects of a corporation’s culture that have the biggest impact on how well a CI program fl...


    Let’s Stick Together

    The culture of an institution can be difficult for senior management to understand and articulate, especially at large international financial institutions.  Even it if can be understood, it can be hard to observe or bring about cultural changes. Many European financial institutions, to better understand the strengths, vulnerabilities, intricacies and complexities of their risk culture,...


    Einkauf: Von den besten lernen

    In vielen deutschen Unternehmen wird die Bedeutung des Einkaufs nach wie vor unterschätzt. Oftmals suboptimal aufgestellt, bleibt ein hohes Maß an Einsparungen ungenutzt. Für die nachhaltige Steigerung der Leistungsfähigkeit von Einkaufsabteilungen müssen neben der ganzheitlichen Betrachtung aller relevanten Dimensionen vor allem diejenigen Parameter identifiziert werden, die das höchste Ver...


    The Culture Challenge: Creating a High-Performance Operating Environment


    The Strategic Enterprise: Rethinking the Design of Complex Organizations

    Advances in information technology have fundamentally changed how organizations run their businesses, develop offerings, align with partners, and reach customers. And leaders have discovered that they must reconfigure their organizations to meet the threats and opportunities of the digital economy. The answer lies in an emerging pattern of organization architecture: the Strategic Enterprise con...