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  • Vertrauen ist besser

    Vertrauen ist besser

    Die Geschäftsmodelle im Handel stehen unter Druck: die Kosteninflation, der Wettbewerb durch Discounter und Onlineanbieter sowie sich rasant verändernde Kundenbedürfnisse erfordern weitreichende Anpassungen. In der Konsequenz erhöhen viele Händler den Druck auf ihre Lieferanten. Einige Händler wählen jedoch zunehmend einen anderen Weg und sind damit sehr erfolgreich: Sie erarbeiten gemeinsam...

  • External Spend Optimization in Construction

    External Spend Optimization in Construction

    External spend typically represents 50-70% of revenues in the construction industry. It comes as no surprise that the industry in consequence ensures that it is focused on buying cheaper. Yet our analysis suggests potential savings of 7-12% are currently being missed. There are many reasons why external spend remains higher than necessary. Not the least is that almost every construction proj...

  • The Procurement Playbook

    The Procurement Playbook

    Procurement has historically been a major concern for industrial companies and retailers but with global crises, changes in business models and globalization, even industries and business sectors that were not that concerned by procurement are getting more and more interested in understand how to leverage Procurement as a source of additional value creation. Procurement is clearly now a cent...



    Gerade in wirtschaftlich schwierigen Zeiten versuchen Einzelhändler konsequent, ihre Effizienz zu steigern und ihre Kosten zu senken. Doch ein Kostenblock genießt nur selten ihre volle Aufmerksamkeit: die Ausgaben für Nicht-Handelsware (NHW), das heißt die Gesamtheit aller nicht zum Weiterverkauf eingekauften Waren und Dienstleistungen. Dabei entsprechen die jährlichen NHW-Ausgaben eines Ein...


    Referentiel des Pratiques Achats 2013-2014

    Following the first edition in 2012, Oliver Wyman interviewed 100 Chief Procurement Officers, and several CAC40 Chief Executive Officers to draw an updated vision of the state of the art of purchasing function in this new version of the “Référentiel des Pratiques Achats 2013-2014”.

    The five dimensions of the purchasing operating model – Vision, Processes, Structure, Human Resources an...


    The Procurement Value in Telecom

    Telecom operators are facing strong financial pressures due to shrinking commercial margins and rising operating costs and investment demands.

    As in other industries, telecom operators have put in place procurement departments to obtain significant savings through negotiation and panel rationalization. External spend – opex and capex – is a major component o...


    The procurement value in life science

    The days of rapid growth and high margin levels are no more for the pharmaceuticalindustry. In order to continue delivering high and attractive profitability ratios, the industry is now faced with the same pressure to achieve excellence in cost optimization facing other industries.

    Pharmaceutical companies need to gain improved control over their overall cost base and a greater abilit...


    Spending smarter: the untapped value in sourcing

    Oliver Wyman has assessed that an initiative to reduce your external spend could have an EBITDA impact ranging from 150 basis points to more than 600 basis points, depending on which industry.

    Based on our extensive experience in external spend optimization, we have identified


    Reconciling sourcing performance and P&L

    Many CFOs share the same issue: 4 out 5 are facing difficulties reconciling the savings generated by initiatives on external spend and the financial impact on the P&L. Why? It just appears too complex and too resource-consuming to invest in. Yet, the supposed
    complexity shouldn’t serve as an impediment, knowing that external spend accounts for 30 to 80% of the total cost-base and as ...