Working here has helped me to better understand myself

Andrew - Consultant

Why Oliver Wyman?

I was initially attracted to Oliver Wyman out of college because of its demonstrated support for the LGBTQA community. As I became more familiar with Oliver Wyman, learning about its operating model and general culture, I became increasingly interested in the firm. The people, from consultants to support professionals to other recruits, are what sealed the deal and motivated me to join. I did not know what I wanted to do with my career when I joined, and I still largely do not know. One advantage of being at a place like Oliver Wyman is that it is okay not having a clear idea of exactly what you want to do with your career.

Real work, real fast

I was fortunate to work on a Financial Services White Paper (“Partnering with Main Street”) very early in my career at Oliver Wyman. The project required a heavy amount of research, including really interesting interviews with bank senior leaders and start-up CEOs, and both data analysis and writing. It was an incredibly academic exercise, which I really appreciated.

Unique culture

Working at OW has helped me to better understand myself. I have a stronger sense of who I am, the kinds of people I want to spend my time with, how I want to spend my time, etc. Working here has also helped me better manage myself. I am more capable of presenting confidently in awkward or challenging scenarios, identifying and prioritizing options on how to spend my time, etc. I do not view myself as more corporate or as a cookie cutter consultant – I think that I have realized which parts of me lend themselves to thriving as a consultant in a corporate environment without sacrificing my personal being.

Outside of client work

Oliver Wyman’s employee resource groups (ERGs) and inclusion & diversity activities have allowed me to explore topics and issues that are of great personal importance. Through my work, I am consistently challenging myself to learn more, share more, and impact change.  My greatest contribution to the firm has been my involvement as a global co-chair in GLOW (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender & Allies at Oliver Wyman Group).  As Co-Chair, I am responsible for managing all internal and external aspects of the organization. Within Oliver Wyman, my work has involved engaging with senior leadership, developing strategic plans for current and future years, enabling expansion efforts into new regions (e.g. APR, EMEA), creating educational/ training seminars and materials, and managing a team of great people.  Beyond Oliver Wyman, my GLOW work has involved introducing and diversifying recruiting efforts, attending major international conferences, and supporting non-profits through volunteer and mentor opportunities. I am also highly supportive of Oliver Wyman’s other ERGs: WOW (Women at Oliver Wyman) and EMPOWERED (Employees at Oliver Wyman Enabling Racial & Ethnic Diversity).  For me, GLOW and the other ERGs represent a perfect combination of personal passion, intellectual curiosity, and professional development.