The vast travel opportunities have spawned experiences I shall cherish for the rest of my life

Angat - Consultant

Why Oliver Wyman?

There were several reasons: great travel opportunities due to Oliver Wyman being the only prominent consulting firm offering a global staffing model. The relaxed and friendly nature of people I met during the interview process combined with the diversity of work made this the place for me.

Real Work, Real Fast

I was given ownership of a module on my very first project at the firm. I had to research a segment of the Australian Retail Banking market and prepare a few slides summarizing my findings. Coming into the project with very little knowledge of the topic, I was both intimidated and excited about the challenge. With appropriate guidance from my team, I was able to step up and do a decent job – a few of my slides were even presented to the CEO of the Bank. A few years later, my most memorable meeting was presenting to the Top 50 Executives of a South East Asian bank, including the CEO. The presentation was well received and commended by some of the clients, which was very satisfying.

Career Development

Working at Oliver Wyman has given me the opportunity to do meaningful work for leading institutions in the world. Whether it is advising senior clients on their future strategy or helping junior consultants develop their skill set, the experiences have been uplifting. On a personal front, I have seen myself develop from a young nervous university graduate intimidated by complex analyses and PowerPoint presentations, to a more confident and assured individual. Sure, before big meetings, my palms still sweat and there is a nervous flicker down the spine but I do feel more assured about my abilities to handle tough clients and embrace new challenges. Furthermore, the vast travel opportunities, across countries and cultures, have spawned experiences that I shall cherish for the rest of my life.