Fantastic mentorship and training programs have truly made me feel at home


Why Oliver WymanI could tell from the very beginning of the interview process that Oliver Wyman had a truly special combination of people and a unique and wonderful set of values. In the short time I spent in the office for interviews, I found I “clicked” with everyone I came across. It was clear that the non-hierarchical culture meant that good ideas were valued no matter if they came from the newest consultant or the most senior partner. I was also impressed by Oliver Wyman’s commitment to doing what’s right, and providing clients with the right answer, even when it might be contentious.

Having previously worked for several top strategy consulting firms, I was also attracted by the opportunity to dive deeper into certain industries and topics. The people at Oliver Wyman have a truly impressive understanding of their clients’ businesses and, most importantly, a way of crafting strategic recommendations that are both feasible and actionable. I have a thirst for knowledge and I am my own toughest critic, so I really wanted to push myself and expand my horizons. Oliver Wyman is the perfect place to do that.

Quick AssimilationThe warm welcome I was given on my first day at the firm was enough to convince me I had made the right choice to join. But it’s the fantastic mentorship and training programs that have truly made me feel at home. Like all consultants, I was immediately assigned a formal senior-level mentor as well as a more junior “buddy.” My mentor has been so generous with his time, both during formal meetings and informal talks, and is endlessly supportive and caring. With his honest and constructive feedback, I feel confident that I’ll be able to fulfill my professional goals at Oliver Wyman. I have also been fortunate enough to be the beneficiary of the firm’s superlative training programs. Perhaps most exciting was the opportunity to attend both INSEAD and Wharton Business Schools for our exclusive Oliver Wyman Academy.

Impactful WorkFrom Day 1, I was able to make an impact on my clients. My first project was only nine-days long, and in that short time I was responsible for leading the team to ensure we had a firm understanding of the client’s situation and were able to provide concrete, actionable recommendations. Not only was the timeline tight, but I was also working with an international team of several Partners across six time zones. Needless to say, it was a very challenging experience but also exciting and rewarding as we met the deadline and delivered a positive outcome to the client.

I’ve also found it very gratifying to see the results of my work for some clients in major financial newspapers. For example, I worked on a project involving non-performing-loans that impacted millions of the client’s customers. It’s also great to hear directly from a client who is happy with your, it was really exciting when the senior manager of a leading Italian financial institution formally praised my team in front of his CEO and the Oliver Wyman Partners involved in the project.

Outside of Client WorkI’m very involved in our recruiting and training programs. I’m proud to contribute to the growth of the firm by attracting and developing the immense talent we have here. I’ve also taken to hosting informal breakfasts for my teams. I’ll buy some delicious croissants, coupled with cappuccino and chit chat, to ensure everyone is refreshed at the start of the day and has a positive morale.

A couple of months after joining, I attended the firm’s annual offsite for my region, where we enjoyed company updates and socializing. It was a perfect opportunity to get to know my colleagues, across levels, in an informal environment. We had three days of excellent talks, warm sun, good food, and amazing company…what more could I ask for?!?

Outside of Oliver Wyman, I am quite active and try to find time for all of my hobbies: sport, travelling, and simply spending time with family. I started practicing Krav Maga some time ago and one of my proudest accomplishments was knocking down a strong and powerfully-built man of 90 kg!