My mentor played a key role in my path to the Partnership


Why Oliver Wyman?I was previously a trader in capital markets and then a consultant at another firm and was attracted by what Oliver Wyman had to offer. This is a unique place, offering both deep technical expertise and a strategic view; this really showed during interviews. In addition, all the people I met stressed the fun they were having working here. There’s a very strong team spirit and a flat management approach, with consultants being encouraged to speak up and take initiatives.

Real work, Right awayI had some experience coming in and I was assigned as a job manager for a risk project. However, it was in a content area on which I had never worked before. That is quite typical of Oliver Wyman: you will regularly be asked to step out of your comfort zone because the firm trusts you to have the capabilities and your colleagues are there to provide support. The firm made sure that the consultants working with me had already done projects in this area so that I could learn and broaden my skills -- and at the same time we would deliver the best support to the client. Now it's several years later and I'm a Partner who regularly encourages staff to step out of their comfort zones.

Most Memorable MeetingWe once had to share some bad results from our risk diagnostic with the top senior management of a leading investment bank; they thought that they were in the leading pack. We had to be careful in delivering the message and suggesting ways to improve. It was crystal clear that these senior bankers became quite upset as we started - especially given the amount at stake. But, by the time we finished the meeting, they thanked us saying, “That was truly unpleasant. But you had the honesty to tell us your opinion and what you think would be the best for our company without compromising; this is exactly what we expect from a consulting firm”.

Greatest personal achievementTrying to find a balance between family and my own career; it's an achievement that one needs to attend to on a daily basis. It actually applies to all the working mums I know, although each one finds their own way. Additionally, the flexibility of the OW operating model fit my desire to have some autonomy in leading my career in the direction, and at the pace, I had decided.