I’ve moved around to different offices and taken on new roles


Why Oliver Wyman?

I originally joined Oliver Wyman in London over 15 years ago for two reasons: first, the job being offered, and secondly, but perhaps more importantly, the people. Everyone I met during interviews was extremely welcoming. I knew Oliver Wyman was a special place to work.

I left briefly and then rejoined recently when a great opportunity arose to further develop my content expertise, and I already knew what a great place OW was. Knowledge Services has really developed over the years (and especially during the year I was away) which makes my department a very exciting place within the firm. I was keen to deepen my expertise and work with a new set of Partners. The people with whom I interact have been incredible; they are extremely dedicated to their work and clients, exceptionally smart, but still always warm and welcoming.


I’ve had several key milestones during my career at Oliver Wyman as I’ve moved around to different offices and taken on new roles.  And, I’ve been lucky enough to have an incredibly supportive team around me through all of them.  My first key milestone was a temporary assignment in Singapore. It was a fantastic stretch opportunity for me – I had never even visited Asia and there I was, going out to hire a new team of researchers to be based in the Singapore office. It was a wonderful opportunity for me personally, complete with a huge learning curve. I absolutely loved Singapore too!

After my Singapore stint I moved from Research into a Knowledge Management (KM) role and then later took on the management of a completely new function.  I got to build something truly new and exciting which required me to utilize more of the management skills I had learned through my involvement with the Royal Air Force (Reserve). The experience provided an opportunity to build a team in more than one location, and I was able to learn about a new culture and how to work best with people from that country.

You could say leaving OW was another milestone for me. It was a huge step and I cried the day I left because I knew what I was leaving. However, it is not one that I regret at all. I had an opportunity to utilize and learn new KM skills in a very different  organization, which I think has made me a better Knowledge Manager for Oliver Wyman. I learned a few key lessons which I have been able to bring back into the firm. In turn, OW was incredibly welcoming on my return; they recognized my content and KM expertise and had been unable to locate anyone in NY with the right skill set to fulfill my current role.   Therefore, my latest milestone (to date!) has been moving to our New York office. Again, a huge adventure and a really exciting opportunity to further deepen my content knowledge. Who knows what the next milestone will be?!?

Outside of work

I am a Squadron Leader in the Royal Air Force Reserve (Training Branch), volunteering as part of the Air Cadet Organization.  It’s a UK-based voluntary organization which provides young people exciting opportunities in flying and gliding, building life skills like first aid, attaining academic qualifications, and developing leadership skills.  Ultimately, they make lasting friendships and grow into good citizens. It’s a bit like a part-time job and I’ve done everything from running a Squadron in South East London, to managing our PR efforts. I joined, myself, as a cadet at age 14.  I’ve had some fantastic opportunities and then stayed on as an Adult Volunteer in order to give something back.