Oliver Wyman has a range of work-life quality programs unparalleled to those offered by our competitors…or actually any firm


Why Oliver Wyman?

I joined Oliver Wyman straight out of university. Oliver Wyman’s reputation for being a consultancy with differentiated expertise in financial services coupled with the people I met during the interview left a really good impression on me. The academic atmosphere also intrigued me (I was originally looking into grad school before joining). After working here, I’m happy to say the impressions I had during the interviewing cycle remain…OW is all about people – how we recruit and develop them, how we can contribute in shaping their career/lives and how everyone at the firm can help shape our culture.

Mentors & unique culture

Like all professional services firms, I believe people are our most important and only asset. I am amazed at the level of professionalism among consultants and support professionals alike, great team work enables us to be successful today. Everyone I have met here is my mentor…staff are driven and focused, and they care about your career too. Our culture pertaining to ‘direct honest communication’ and ‘anti-kudzu’ is truly amazing. Very senior people in the firm are willing to listen to your career development concerns. Partners and principals are all very open once you approach them. And the surprising thing is not only do not discuss career opportunities/possibilities within Oliver Wyman but also outside of the firm. Some consultants might depart OW for “industry” positions after some years. We fully support that. Some come back to Oliver Wyman and some eventually end up being our clients.

Work/life quality

OW has a range of programs unparalleled to those offered by our competitors…or actually any firm. Most of them are focused around providing consultants an environment to experiment and really fulfill themselves by exploring different practices within the boundaries of the firm. Through the Flex-OW suite of talent programs, there are additional opportunities outside of the firm: a sabbatical/leave of absence of up to 6 months, a Non-Profit Fellowship with up to 40% salary support, an 11-month work year, and Externships (working at a different company for a year and coming back to OW). The good thing is – these are not just there for ‘show.’ Many consultants actually utilize them and it doesn’t affect career progression in any sort of negative way. Our human capital staff are always open to discussion about them and so is your CDA (Career Development Advisor). I have regular and ad-hoc catch ups with both of them – both have been critical in shaping my career and my time at Oliver Wyman.

Global perspective

We have a flexible/international approach due to our global staffing model. I have been able to work in different locations with consultants from everywhere around the world. In my first year, I worked with a French consultant from the New York office. We still keep in touch and he opened my eyes regarding the consulting industry and also became my informal mentor. In my second year I worked in South East Asia with consultants from Sydney, New York, London, and Mumbai, to name a few countries. I am also now set to work in Europe soon due to the firm's sponsorship and UK visa. Our multi-cultural, multi-national environment has definitely influenced how I see the world. It’s also provided me with the perspective of how the world is evolving and where true value creation lies. If you have the desire and ability, the firm can and will take you anywhere. Perhaps our greatest edge over other firms is that we truly are globally connected, not just by the clients we serve, but also in our day-to-day interactions. For example, I speak and email with consultants/support professionals literally all around the globe – the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Our global research centers (Knowledge Services) and production services (DTP) have 24 hour coverage no matter where you are on a map.