Oliver Wyman offers a truly entrepreneurial environment, with no limits to the speed at which your career can progress

Chris - Partner

Why Oliver Wyman?

Oliver Wyman offered an unparalleled opportunity to travel to some of the world’s best cities, in a fun and non-hierarchal environment, whilst working with exceptionally talented individuals. When considering what I wanted to experience post-graduation, this ticked all the boxes.  An anecdote I often recall from my campus interview experiences was that at another tier 1 consultancy, they were proud to tell me that in my second year I would be allowed on the second floor, in my third year I`d have access to the better canteen on the third floor etc.  However at Oliver Wyman, I saw Partners sitting next to consultants, interacting openly and collaborating without any of the hierarchal bureaucracy observed elsewhere. This insight on the working environment was a significant factor in my final choice.

Real work, right away

Just 3 days after starting in the London office, I was flown up to Edinburgh to join a team of 20 consultants for a project with one of the UK`s largest universal banks. From day one, I had responsibility for data collection and analysis stemming directly from interacting with the bank’s staff.  Such a role can be a real shock for those who have never had significant responsibilities before.  Oliver Wyman  expects consultants to conduct themselves in a professional manner from the outset, and to have the capability to pick-up the content and technical issues of a project in an extremely short period of time. Our interview process is specifically designed to identify the caliber of people able to do this, and continually reinforces the satisfaction gained from working with the industry’s best and brightest.

Work life quality

Work life quality is a core value of the firm, and significant efforts are made to ensure this can be maintained in each project. We are extremely flexible in how staff manage their time and are very much output, not input, focused. This means individuals can manage how they spend their own time provided that their responsibilities are completed to required deadlines. I have found this is critical for being able to balance the occasional intense working period with personal life requirements

Oliver Wyman is also very flexible in providing sabbaticals and extended leave programs based on individual consultant requirements. I personally have found the company to be supportive and respectful of my requests for vacation and time off, even when client/business conflicts have arisen. This is something that I don`t believe is common in other companies.