I have had numerous career development opportunities


Why Oliver Wyman?Initially, I applied for an internship because of the growth opportunities and Oliver Wyman’s culture which were, indeed, unmatched by any of the consulting competitors or financial services firms I was considering. Also, I thought the work would be challenging which appealed to me. After interning, I joined full-time; I wasn’t sure even after joining whether to stay in consulting or pursue a career in investment banking. However, after a while the choice became quite obvious – the enjoyment I obtain from the actual project work, the office atmosphere of very friendly colleagues, and the general sense of fun – all this makes a career at Oliver Wyman outstanding.

Mentors & Career DevelopmentI’ve received a lot of guidance from Principals and Partners. I feel like I can easily reach out to them and ask for advice. There are a lot of people in the firm with whom I have good, friendly relationships and I am always glad to work and spend free time with them. Oliver Wyman has offered opportunities to travel to places I wanted to go (UAE, Saudi Arabia), meet new people from across the globe (ranging from the US to Australia). Also, working here has helped me to learn a lot about the financial services industry, meet with decision-makers at a very high level and do a lot of impactful work.

MilestonesThere have been numerous opportunities for my career development, but a few milestones in particular. The first occurred in my second project where I had to rethink my approach to several things. I succeeded in it which resulted in a promotion for me. Then, a second milestone was a project where, due to a mix of circumstances, I was given quite a lot of authority to be in charge of the preparation of a series of materials for the C-suite people at one of the largest Russian banks. This project helped to develop several skills and also increased my capability to undertake more responsibility. Another key milestone was my first project abroad which was with one of the largest banks in the UAE. It provided me with a unique experience both in terms of working with a totally different type of client and a different set of team members within Oliver Wyman.

Outside of Client WorkI am a member of the Consultant Committee which addresses a wide range of issues raised by consultants at all levels. Together with a dedicated team of enthusiastic colleagues, I started our annual Moscow Case Competition for university students called “Oliver Wyman Impact”. Currently, I am active with external marketing initiatives – helping OW with conferences, committees, etc. I am also a captain for our campus recruiting team at one of the target universities in Russia – Higher School of Economics. Lastly, I am part of the team which is organizing an EMEA-wide offsite for all consultants across Europe and the Middle East.