If you have the drive, you can have an immediate impact on the firm


Why Oliver Wyman?I had over eight years of previous experience at Ralph Lauren and Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems where I launched a project management methodology and improved business processes. When the opportunity arose within Oliver Wyman’s ITS department to develop a project management process, I was particularly attracted by the ability to have a large and immediate impact. While this was the major selling point, when researching the firm, the people seemed to be the most positive aspect. I am happy to say that this absolutely has been the case. Everyone that I’ve interacted with at Oliver Wyman has presented a number of learning opportunities which have had a great impact on my career, both in terms of project work and my career path. The firm is extremely open and collaborative, and I’ve been able to learn a great deal about best practices and how to be effective. Every day is an opportunity to learn at OW, making each one exciting and new.

Career ProgressionWhen I started at the firm, I was tasked with building project management processes and putting them to the test through my own project and program management work. Having mastered those skills over time, the firm provided me with another growth opportunity by shifting me into the digital marketing space. In my current role, I lead a team of five bright analysts tasked with managing the firm’s various marketing technologies, including CRM and OliverWyman.com. Being promoted to Business Systems Manager has provided me the opportunity to return to people management, which has been a goal of mine since joining the firm. My progression within Oliver Wyman has proved to me that the firm takes a keen and vested interest in growing, developing and recognizing its talent.

Key Milestones & Memorable MomentsIn addition to succeeding on a major system migration undertaken by ITS, being selected as global co-chair for Gay & Lesbians at Oliver Wyman (GLOW) was an honor and key milestone for me. GLOW has been such an important part of my career here. Not only has it provided me the opportunity to present at prestigious LGBT workplace conferences (including Out & Equal Workplace Summit, Network & Affinity Leadership Congress), volunteer, support fellow colleagues, and interact/network with Oliver Wyman’s senior leaders, but I’ve been able to make a tangible impact on the culture here, so much so that my GLOW colleagues have become my second family.

I recall being asked to speak on behalf of GLOW at the New York Office town hall meeting, and at the time, I had only been with the firm for a little over four months. To have then-CEO, John Drzik, call me up by name to speak in front of 500 people was mind blowing. It proved to me that if you have the drive, you can have an immediate impact on the firm.

Outside of WorkI have worked with GLOW to develop a relationship with Green Chimneys, a local LGBT youth non-profit. In cooperation with other MMC operating companies, we developed a career training program teaching the disadvantaged students vital skills which included formulating a job search strategy, resume writing, interviewing, and networking. We’re still working with Green Chimneys today, so it’s been a great honor knowing that we’ve impacted many students who have gone through our career training program. I believe the work that we do in GLOW to support an open and inclusive culture is vital to making the work experience a positive one for LGBT and allied colleagues. I absolutely felt comfortable bringing my whole self to work when I joined and became involved with GLOW.

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