It feels really great to work at a company with such commitment to its people

Eleanora - Consultant

Why Oliver Wyman?

Oliver Wyman always caught my eye at university career fairs and other on-campus events.  But, I became truly convinced it was the right fit during the interview process when I had a chance to get to know the firm’s people and culture. The firm environment felt very personal, like I could find my own way without being a cog in a machine. There seemed to be a clear culture of collaboration and support, rather than competitiveness. And the firm’s entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit shined through clearly.  The Milan office, especially, has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, both in headcount and breadth of projects. I was excited by the prospect of working at a firm like that, and I’m happy to say that these first impressions have been confirmed since joining.

Crafting a Fullfilling Career Path

Like many new graduates, I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my career after university, but Oliver Wyman has provided the perfect environment to discover where my strengths and interests lie. The firm strongly encourages personal initiative and proactivity.  So, if you are seeking exposure to a specific industry or practice, or would like to grow your role and responsibilities on a project, there is very likely someone to help make that happen. Every consultant has a talent manager as well as career advisor who is a senior member of the firm.  This means there is plenty of built-in support for these types of discussions. Additionally, consultants have one-on-one meetings with their managers at the start of each project, so there are even more opportunities for your preferences and objectives to be heard. While I still have not decided which industry or practice I would like to specialize in, I feel very fortunate to have worked on a wide variety of projects in different practice areas, helping me build a well-rounded consulting toolkit.

Outside of Client Work

One of the things that attracted me most about Oliver Wyman was the diversity of backgrounds and personalities found here, so when I joined I was immediately drawn toward Women of Oliver Wyman (WOW), one of our employee resource groups (ERGs). I’ve been very involved in the group’s efforts, particularly around female recruiting. Together with our Human Capital teams, we have organized some recruiting events for female students interested in consulting.

I also took advantage of the firm’s Non-Profit Fellowship (NPF) program, which allowed me to spend two months working for an ONG in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The experience was incredibly enriching, both personally and professionally. I was faced with a completely new and unstructured environment.  It was impressive to see both how much from Oliver Wyman I could leverage at the ONG and how much I learned from the ONG that has since made me a savvier consultant. I was also awestruck by the support I received from everyone at the firm while I was applying for the NPF, especially given how busy the Milan office was at the time. It feels really great to work at a company with such commitment to its people.