Being recognized for your true talent rather than having to follow a set path or jumping through hoops in order to gain a promotion is a fantastic model.

Elinor - Consultant

Why Oliver Wyman?

The apprenticeship model appealed for a start – I’ve never been one for sitting in a room being lectured at. So the chance to learn on the job was definitely attractive. The meritocracy was also a big draw – being recognized for your true talent rather than having to follow a set path or jumping through hoops in order to gain a promotion sounded like a fantastic model. Travel was another selling point. Finally, the style of work – in teams, project based, with variety – was a very important consideration. I love to be thrown in to new situations, presented with a problem and given the chance to solve it.

Real Work, Right Away

You are given real responsibility from Day One. On my first project, we were developing a new product offering for a large insurance firm. My personal role involved supporting the build of the business case – the cost to create and run the proposed new business, as well as revenue expectations. I also mocked up website designs and planned the functionality it would need. These were used directly in client pitch documents, which were reviewed by potential new customers for their feedback. It gave me immense pride to know that my ideas were taken seriously and that my work was having a true impact on the client.


Every new consultant is given a personal “buddy” whose role is to keep an eye out for them, provide advice, meet to discuss progress and generally be a go-to person for any concerns. It was great to know I had someone I could ask “silly” questions without feeling stupid! There were also others I turned to early on. But, actually I found the office so friendly I tended to just turn to the person next to me if I had a quick question.

Outside of Client Work

I represent my class on the Consultant Committee. This role provides insight into some of the changes at the firm and gives me a chance to voice the opinions of our group to ensure senior management has our feedback. As part of this role I am also involved with organising team and training events, which I love. In addition, I am part of the Oxford recruiting team and work closely with Human Capital to plan and run our campus recruiting events. This is great fun as I enjoy being able to meet potential new consultants and share why Oliver Wyman is such a special place for me. Lastly, I am a co-chair for our employee resource group, Women at Oliver Wyman (WOW) in London.

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