I know I can trust my colleagues because they are friends more than coworker

Frederico - CONSULTANT

Why Oliver Wyman?

There were a few key elements, but the most important one was the culture. Everyone at Oliver Wyman is incredibly friendly and easy going, and it really feels like a team. Even during my interviews, one of the Partners said, “Let’s solve this case together,” rather than maintaining a distance and putting us on different levels. Since joining, I’ve seen that culture continue to play out in the office and at the client sites. I couldn’t ask for a better group of colleagues.

The specialist option at Oliver Wyman also played a large role in my decision. I already knew I wanted to work in Financial Services when I started because my father works for a bank and I have always been fascinated by his job. The flexibility to specialize early on was a big differentiator for me.


Mentorship at Oliver Wyman is very strong, both through formal and informal mentors.  On the formal side, each consultant has a career advisor.  Mine has supported me throughout my time here by giving me sincere and supportive feedback through guidance and direction as I develop my consulting toolkit.  I’ve really appreciated that my advisor helps both inside Oliver Wyman and outside of it, including writing a recommendation letter for a summer course I wanted to take in the United States.

On the more informal side, I have found strong mentors in all of my managers, as well as my peer group.  All have contributed to making me the consultant I am today, showing me the path to succeed in this industry.  The Partners have been true role models and helped me to understand what we can achieve both for our clients, and personally, in the long term.

High impact work

This job surprised me in a way. Working in Financial Services, we don’t only deal with banks but also with supervisors and central banks. We conduct high profile assignments assessing the amount of money to inject into national economies to ensure their stability. Our numbers can impact the destiny of an entire country. The awareness of the importance of our work makes me feel rewarded for the hard work.

While all of my projects have had significant impact for the client, the ones that really stand out are the times spent working for a couple of national banks within Europe to help stabilize their banking systems.  The impact was not only felt by our direct client, but on the economic stability of a country and to the people living in it.  For me, it’s incredible to think about our contributions and I am proud to have helped with those projects.