For me, Oliver Wyman has the best culture of all the consulting firms


Why Oliver Wyman?I joined after working in the credit card industry for several years, as well as spending time in the non-profit sector with the Public Health Foundation of India. I learned about consulting from my friends at business school and was attracted by the high impact and challenging environment. I found that Oliver Wyman had the best culture in all of the consulting firms…very friendly.

Real work, real fastI got staffed on Day 2 working on operations outsourcing for a large insurance player. OW has given me the freedom to work in the various parts of financial services that I find interesting. The firm has provided some stretch roles and individuals have mentored me to grow within consulting.

In addition to client workI have a passion for experiencing different cultures. OW has given me the opportunity to work in different countries and to live in them for extended periods of 3-4 months each. This has been truly fulfilling. Outside of the firm, I am involved with a variety of things. I established an information portal for leukemia patients in India and have been intimately involved with other cancer organizations. For fun I did a 3 day journey around Simla and Solan (Himachal Pradesh, India) on a budget of 1 rupee. Along the way I became a jewelry salesman and a guide. The work was published in Indian papers! Perhaps my greatest personal achievement was climbing beyond 20,000 ft despite some breathing problems. Just managed to scrape through somehow!