I am developing personal skills which will be very important not only for my career at OW, but also for my whole life

Hendrik - Consultant

Why Oliver Wyman?During my studies, I had several workshops, conversations, and interviews with consultants of various firms. I never experienced any difference between consultancies -- except for Oliver Wyman! At a seminar, I had an unbelievably open and friendly conversation with an OW consultant. I was very impressed to sit in front of someone whose spare time was limited but who was very keen to get to know my personality and not just my ability to solve cases. After this conversation, it was my objective to join.

Coming directly from university, my main objective was -- and still is -- to learn relevant skills for a career as a management consultant and get practical experience in various industries. I am pleased to say I have experienced that, every day. I learn new things that are valuable. This is really the essence of what makes this job so interesting.

Real Work, Right AwayI came to my first project five days after joining the firm. I was quite unsure whether I would fulfill all expectations. But as soon as I arrived at the client site, my team members made me feel like a valuable part of the team. In my second project, I was put in a position which provided even more responsibilities and client contact. This enabled me to start developing personal skills which will be very important not only for my career at OW, but also for my whole life.

Memorable MeetingWhile conducting a benchmark of a corporate overhead function, we had several meetings with many of the firms included in the benchmark. It was really impressive to have the opportunity to conduct interviews with the heads of the corporate overhead function of very large, German-listed companies and become familiar with the culture of seven different companies in just four weeks.

Lasting ConnectionsThe whole team from my first project at OW was very important to me. The atmosphere within that team was outstanding. I was able to establish a close connection to the two partners, the engagement manager, and the other team members. Even after moving on to other projects, these colleagues are still those with whom I have very good relationships.