Oliver Wyman is a work environment just bulging with talent, smarts and experience


Career JourneyI joined NERA, one of the sister companies to Oliver Wyman, right out of college. I started as a programmer, moved up to running the Systems group in 2001 and became NERA CIO in 2005. Since around 2009, I have been running the Systems Group for all of Oliver Wyman group. I had a lot of opportunities to leave, especially during tech bubble, but always felt that the long term opportunities here were better. My career has been a series of solutions focusing on how we can make consultants as productive and happy as possible. The systems group seeks not just to fill a need, but to fill it in the best possible way and minimize any downside for the user. Thinking big and understanding my clients is key.

Unique cultureOliver Wyman is a work environment just bulging with talent, smarts and experience. I am humbled to be part of it. There are plenty of challenges but recognition of our value and effort is part of the culture. The most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done was to join here. I had already tentatively accepted a role at an IBM subsidiary but was so impressed by this organization that I accepted the role the same day as my interview. That was many, many years ago and I haven’t been disappointed.

Personal notesI am passionate about innovative and business focused technologies, which is convenient. I would love to hear suggestions for integrating my other passions: reading, football and beer. Before kids, I used to do a lot of rappelling and have a picture of me dangling 200ft. Now I like to get up early every morning to make breakfast for myself and the kids; I consider myself a breakfast short order cook and really enjoy my morning time with them.