Every step of the way, I’ve been exposed to new industries, new content areas, and had the opportunity to step into increasingly complex roles

Juin - Consultant

Career path choice

I was recruited directly out of university to join the San Francisco office, where I was fortunate enough to work on a wide variety of projects all over North America. My projects ranged from financial services and technology to healthcare and aviation. Later, I transferred to the Singapore office and have since taken on larger project execution roles, again within a variety of industries. At every step of the way, I’ve been exposed to new industries, new content areas as well as had the opportunity to step into increasingly complex roles.  I haven’t found my specialty yet, and am still a generalist and very happy to remain as one for the foreseeable future! That’s the beauty of consulting – the exposure we get to different industries and clients in a variety of regions is an experience that is hard to find anywhere else.


At this point in my career, I have developed strong relationships with many mentors here at the firm, both formal and informal. One of them is actually a manager on one of my projects from when I was a first year consultant. He was the first manager who gave me autonomy in steering the analysis and building the deck, which was a fantastic learning opportunity for me. His trust in my capabilities and his willingness to participate in brainstorming discussions with me helped my professional development tremendously and made that project a significant turning point for me.

My fellow consultants have also had a huge impact on my time here at Oliver Wyman. I’ve developed very close bonds with the consultants in the San Francisco and Singapore offices as well as gotten very close to consultants from other offices who I have worked with on projects and become very close with, even going on vacations together! The friendships and bonds I’ve forged are some of the best parts of working with Oliver Wyman.

Outside of client work

I’m actively involved on the campus recruiting side as this is something that has always been of particular interest to me. I strongly believe that a company's greatest asset is its people so I’m a big proponent of attracting and retaining the right talent at Oliver Wyman. I genuinely enjoy meeting potential recruits and learning more about them and I try my best to address their concerns because I remember what it was like to be in their shoes. Oliver Wyman is still growing its presence in Asia and I’m really happy to be able to play a part in spreading its name within the region.