The interaction with different cultures has opened my eyes to new perspectives.

Junyan - Consultant

Why Oliver Wyman?

There were two key factors at play in my decision to join Oliver Wyman –

  1. Nature of work: as a finance graduate I had the usual dilemma of trying to decide between working in the financial services industry or the consulting space. OW seemed to be the right fit due to its unique nature of work and a strong presence in the financial services consulting space, having consulted for many of the top 100 financial companies globally.
  2. Culture: Throughout my recruiting process, and once I joined, the culture and the people at Oliver Wyman stood out to me. During campus recruiting, the interviewers and recruitment manager seemed to genuinely want to know me better, as opposed to a “filling in the numbers” game, which left a really positive impression. Later after joining and experiencing the OW culture first-hand, I have loved working on project teams, enjoyed our social hours and all the other activities we do together. It's so nice that the Singapore office is a really close-knit community, with heaps of weekend activities from paintball to diving to celebrating various holidays.


I’ve been lucky to have several wonderful mentors, including the Head of the Health & Life Sciences Practice in our region. As a semi-celebrity in Singapore (famous in the healthcare space) and as my mentor, I turn to him when I need advice on how best to add value to the clients and learn about philosophies beyond consulting as well.

I also have stayed really close with my fellow group of consultant hires from my class. We joined together a couple years ago and continue to be there for one another even now –often you will see us calling one another for project advice!

Real Work, Right Away

Right from my first project, I was able to make a real impact on my clients. I was helping a leading SEA bank to cascade its risk appetite statement, and from Day 1, I was given real responsibilities where I was sitting with the client themselves and working with them to gather the data required for our analysis. It being my first project, there was a challenge to add value while learning how to interact and work collaboratively with the client, but it worked out very well and the client even invited us for their annual Sports Day..where we came in second in a 4x100 relay!