Assignments provide new challenges which force you to develop skills at a very fast rate

Koen - Consultant

Why Oliver Wyman?Initially, I applied for an internship because of the global staffing model, the culture and people, and because I could specialize in financial services. Oliver Wyman was (and still is) growing fast which creates many opportunities. My internship was distinguished and strengthened my interest in consulting because I was treated as a member of the project team right from the beginning. I was able to work on three different projects in two different countries with OW staff from a variety of offices (e.g. Munich, Milan, Zurich & London). All of that in just 10 weeks! It was followed by a job offer, which I’m glad I accepted.

Career developmentI was the first consultant to join the Dutch office. The first couple of months were an exciting period as being the first meant having a lot of Partner contact, being involved in growing and building the office, and working in a very rapidly changing environment. Further, the client projects have been very interesting. During my first project after joining full-time, I attended meetings with senior stakeholders which was a great learning experience. On just my second assignment, I owned significant parts of the deliverables and was given the opportunity to manage a workstream during the 2nd phase. A specific challenge in the case of Dutch projects is to work together with Dutch-speaking clients and an English-speaking team to make sure all relevant knowledge is transferred in both directions. Each assignment provides new challenges which force you to develop skills at a very fast rate.

Unique cultureThere is a very open and honest atmosphere at Oliver Wyman. People are really enthusiastic about the topics they are working on and have deep industry knowledge. A highlight from an early visit I made while being recruited was that we had the opportunity to ask ‘brutally honest questions’ to the Oliver Wyman hosts. (e.g. “How much do you earn as a partner?”) At the time I found it really special that we were given the opportunity to talk to such senior people. We could ask whatever we wanted and all questions were answered honestly…even the CEO of the company was there and part of the discussion. I’m happy to say that kind of open culture is real, even after working here for some time.

Outside of client workI’m involved with campus recruiting to build the Dutch office and participate in marketing activities to build the Dutch business. I enjoy sailing, field hockey and golf (as time permits). I’m also interested in investing and have a small portfolio of stocks. If I weren’t working at Oliver Wyman, I’d like to be in the field of renewable energy. I’ve recently had a conversation with one of the OW Partners from our Energy practice to discuss the possibility of doing a future project in this area. It is nice that the consultant career development model provides such an opportunity.