I have had the ability to create three brand new roles for myself


Why Oliver Wyman?I started in the New York office before transferring to Boston after six years. Two of the people that interviewed me when I first joined were from the Midwest (Illinois and Wisconsin) and I instantly felt a connection with them after having met so many ‘New Yorkers’ in my first couple months living there. I could quickly tell that the culture and people were very unique and that I had found a place I would feel at home.

Career JourneyBefore joining Oliver Wyman I had attended Culinary School in Australia, worked in several restaurants and catering companies, worked in a summer camp, and spent five years as a Director of After-School programming within a Middle School – the same one I had attended as a child. I moved to New York (with no apartment or job) and after just a couple months of temping I was hired at Oliver Wyman. I started as an Executive Assistant supporting a Partner within the Financial Services practice. I transitioned into the IT department after about five years to support the CIO as a Global ITS Coordinator and the role grew into a Chief of Staff position later. Recently, I transitioned out of the IT department and into the Practice Services/Management Office supporting firm-wide initiatives.

I have had the ability to create three brand new roles for myself throughout my 10 year career so far. Each new position built upon the skills I acquired in my previous roles. These roles not only offered me new opportunities to advance, but also set the path for others to have the same opportunity to fill the roles I exited. The flexibility that OW provides to create your own career path, and the people that support you along the way, make OW so unique and such an amazing place to work.

FlexibilityI was one of the first Support Professionals to participate in what is now called the FlexOW program by taking a three month sabbatical to travel in Argentina and Jamaica. It was a time in my life that I really just needed to disconnect and be with my family/friends. I returned to OW with a renewed passion to contribute to the firm. Since my return, and after recently becoming a mother, my boss has been very supportive about allowing me to work from home when I need to in order to cut down my commute. I get to spend those extra precious minutes before/after work each day watching my daughter grow up (way too fast!) before my eyes.