I work internationally with colleagues from offices all over the world…

Kristina - PARTNER, MTE

Why Oliver Wyman ?The distinguishing factors that attracted me to Oliver Wyman were its status as one of the top-ranking consultancies, its people, and its values and culture.

Real work, right awayI joined Oliver Wyman from another consulting firm at a time when business was roaring. My first assignment within a couple of weeks was to manage a three-month due diligence project in the automotive sector, with a team of five. Later, a project in the ports industry in Dubai was my first opportunity to work in a significantly different culture outside Europe. With this project, I moved into a truly international role. Now, I’m a Partner and I work internationally with colleagues from offices all over the world.

Memorable meetingsThe essence of consulting is interaction with the team and clients. So, with over a decade on the job, I can think of a long list of meetings that were memorable each in their own way: the promotion announcement meetings where the entire office gathers to celebrate; a dozen or so meetings to present the same project results to industry players who, for competition regulation reasons, could not be in the same room for the presentation, and where I developed an ambition to deliver the presentation without ever looking at the slides; informing the CEO of a company that he would not be able to deliver his performance targets if he did not change course and speed quickly -- a very different message from what he had been hearing from his direct reports; or a project team holiday party until the wee hours in the morning before everyone left for the break.

Impact on the firmI am very involved with Women at Oliver Wyman (WOW), one of our employee resource groups. Not only have I learned a lot about cultural differences and commonalities between our offices and business units, but I also find it extremely interesting and rewarding to work closely across the different units--not to mention the great amount of fun I have collaborating with all of the WOW members.