I found a firm that seeks ambition and rewards based on merit. I don’t believe that I could have accomplished what I have as quickly anywhere else


Why Oliver Wyman ?

The culture at Oliver Wyman is unlike that of any other firm that I’ve seen. The people are brilliant, friendly, and fun, and the firm policies are wholly supportive of a meritocracy that encourages creativity and innovation. When I took a summer internship at Oliver Wyman, I was expecting a corporate bureaucracy where I would work a normal desk job, but instead, I found myself discussing interesting ideas with teammates who inspired me to continually do my best and create meaningful results for our client. I fell so much in love with Oliver Wyman that I accepted a full-time offer after my internship and didn’t even look into applying anywhere else.  Now I’m an Engagement Manager; time has flown by quickly. 

Real work, right away

Oliver Wyman promises meaningful work from Day One, and that has been completely true for me.  I have been given real responsibilities since my first project as an intern, where I was tasked with building a probability of default model for a corporate lender’s loan portfolio. I spent my summer learning to use SAS and performing analysis that fundamentally changed the client’s business. After having experienced a couple of prior internships at other companies, I was impressed by how well Oliver Wyman maintains a meritocracy. It doesn’t matter what your seniority is; if you have demonstrated your capabilities, you will be given the challenges and opportunities you need to excel.

Career development

One important aspect that I love about my job is how I continue to learn and grow with every single project I am on, every single client I work with, and every single co-worker I meet. Each new project brings new business problems to tackle and new issues to think about. Working with so many clients across levels, from the front line through the C-suite, has given me a tremendous amount of perspective. And, being surrounded by bright, interesting people means that I am constantly learning to think about the world in a different light.

Oliver Wyman has accelerated my professional development more than I could have imagined. I am very grateful for all of the support I have received.  I am constantly pushed and challenged to be the best that I can be. I have seen myself grow from owning analytical pieces to managing an intern to running projects and managing clients.  I don’t believe that I could have accomplished what I have as quickly anywhere else.