OW cares about its employees as people and individuals, and does an unbelievable amount to support them

Liz - Consultant

Career pathI was hired as an Engagement Manager when my firm was acquired by Oliver Wyman and promoted to Principal a month later. OW showing this level of trust in my abilities, sight unseen, was a huge confidence booster. It immediately made me feel valued and welcomed to know that they saw me as an integral team member coming over in the acquisition.

Initially, I was quite worried about the transition – I had joined my prior firm straight out of college, and had really only worked in a smaller office of ~50 employees. Joining OW felt overwhelming; I had spent my entire professional career at a company where everyone knew not only each other, but each other’s spouses and families. I was worried that at OW I would become ‘just a number’ (a fear that felt confirmed when one of my first communications was issuing my MMC employee number). However, within the first few days and weeks I realized that my initial fears were baseless. OW cares about its employees as people and individuals, and does an unbelievable amount to support them. Between my official mentor, my unofficial sponsors, my practice leadership, and other casual relationships, there isn’t a week that passes that someone doesn’t reach out to check in, see how I’m doing, ask about my goals, and just generally ensure that I’m having a good experience at the firm.

Career developmentOW has supported me in many ways big & small, formal & informal. My firm-assigned mentor has been key, making me feel heard and serving as a good sounding board to discuss project opportunities and general career direction. I was also selected to participate in the “Inspiring Leaders” program, which is a firm-supported sponsorship program for under-represented groups (women, minorities, LGBT colleagues). It aims to provide more exposure to senior leadership and establish participants as future leaders of the firm. Under the goals of that program, I’m working to produce a set of IC materials which will support growth in our new Education practice.

Additionally, the firm promotes great flexibility enabling people to pursue their passions and simply manage their personal lives outside of work. As long as my work gets done, no one has ever cared where or when I do it. Whether it’s leaving at 4 PM one Thursday a month to get to meetings for the school board I serve on, or enabling easy Friday flex-travel to work from anywhere if I’m travelling to another city for personal travel over a weekend, I have never felt like OW required any ‘face time’ from me as long as my clients were happy, my teams were supported, and results were being achieved.

Memorable momentMy first C&IVT offsite in Miami was my first chance to meet all the partners and affiliates in the broader C&IVT practice in North America. We spent 3 days together and really got to know each other. In true OW fashion, the meeting was a real blend of tactical business planning, knowledge sharing, and a fair amount of socializing. One of the most impactful parts was a series of stories shared by senior practice members about how their careers had been shaped and changed over the years, as well as how and why they felt C&IVT NA was making a difference to them, their career, and their clients. The speakers were candid and honest; hearing their stories and challenges was inspiring.

Outside of client workSometimes it’s hard to keep track – I’m involved in our ERGs (GLOW & WOW), recruiting, C&IVT practice support, and training. I love that OW gives me so many ways to give back to the office community and help shape the organization into the type of place that I love to work in – a welcoming environment and a vibrant community with clear social values.

I’m a member of the Education Services practice at OW, and outside of work I’m still passionate about Education. I serve as a board member for a charter school in Cambridge, MA. Prospect Hill Academy is the largest charter school in MA and has over 1,100 students in grades K-12. Seeing the difference the school makes in the lives of students from some of the poorest communities in Somerville and Cambridge is an amazing experience. Despite pulling students from disadvantaged areas, we send over 95% of graduating seniors on to college. I spend around 10-15 hours a month outside of work involved in activities to help support the administration and leadership of the school.