There’s a culture here that sets Oliver Wyman apart

Lorrie - Support Professional

Why Oliver Wyman?

I was attracted to OW because of the approach to work/life balance. Coming from an industry that processed payments for government sectors, I was in a work environment that was always “on”. I worked 24/7/365, was attached to my mobile phone, and was always tuned in to work. Vacations were never really vacations because I was expected to work remotely. Oliver Wyman’s philosophy pertaining to flexible work arrangements appealed to me. It was emphasized (more than once) during my interview process that “work/life balance” was not only discussed, but actually practiced. I’m pleased to say it held true. Now that I’ve worked here for a while, I can honestly state that Oliver Wyman cares for their employees and values their time outside of the office.

Career Development

I’ve had opportunities to develop my skills and evolve my career here. And, the opportunities continue. My next role will involve being based in Warsaw, Poland where I will welcome a group of new administrative assistants and provide their training on our applications, programs and processes. This combines my love for traveling and experiencing new cultures with my training career. It’s also a great opportunity to be an ambassador for the Americas, especially the NY office. It’s a perfect opportunity for me to display the culture that sets Oliver Wyman apart.

Outside of Work

I am one of the Global Co-Chairs for our employee resource group, EMPOWERED (Employees of Oliver Wyman Enabling Racial & Ethnic Diversity). As such I help to facilitate discussion on ethnic and cultural diversity. Diversity spans many different forms and this is very important to me. It provides a chance to start meaningful discussions about the importance of encouraging everyone to celebrate their own diversity and what they can bring to enhance the entire Oliver Wyman culture. The leadership team and OW community have been very supportive of EMPOWEREDs efforts. I also actively participate in the events and discussions sponsored by GLOW (Gays & Lesbians of Oliver Wyman) and WOW (Women of Oliver Wyman).

Memorable Moments

End of the week Happy Hours are a common occurrence in our offices. We liven them up with themes sponsored by employee resource groups, practice groups or support professional departments. Shortly after I started working at Oliver Wyman, I attended GLOW’s Karaoke Happy Hour. It was the first Friday after I joined and everyone was so welcoming and fun to be around. I was still nervous and felt like an outsider since it was my inaugural week. A few people dragged me up to sing karaoke and folks really took the time to say hello and ask me how my week was. People just wanted to make sure that I was enjoying myself. The GLOW Pride Karaoke Happy Hour is now something that I look forward to attending each year. Hopefully, I can now provide that same experience to other new faces at OW.

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