There’s a strong team spirit here


Oliver Wyman

Following internship experiences in M&A and internal audit, I wanted to join a top-tier strategy consulting firm in order to combine what I had found to be the best of both worlds: a balanced mix of exposure to a wide variety of problems, in-depth understanding of issues, a lot of client contact, travel opportunities, and short-term assignments with a strong team component. However, I was also keen to get early industry specialization and start developing a layer of expertise on top of a traditional consulting skillset. At Oliver Wyman, I thought I would be able to specialize early, be in contact with industry content experts, and experience more travel opportunities than at other leading consultancies.  It was exactly what I was looking for.

Looking back on those years since I joined the firm, I am happy to say I have managed to write my own career story, building it progressively through regular discussions with many official and unofficial mentors at the firm. I feel that my career at Oliver Wyman really corresponds to what I have wanted to achieve, both from a personal and a professional standpoint.


The main milestone in my career thus far was a project to support a central bank in an asset quality review exercise.  It was a very high-profile project under intense public scrutiny which illustrated to me how impactful Oliver Wyman can be in the Financial Services space. The project was very rewarding from a personal and professional standpoint. We managed to develop a very strong team spirit, including with the clients, which really helped us to overcome the difficulties we faced during the project.

All of my projects have allowed me to understand how a whole section of the economy, the financial services sector, is evolving.  Working at Oliver Wyman, I have developed a more acute understanding of the events around me (such as the European debt crisis in 2011, the creation of the European Banking Union, the Fintech boom, etc.). Working with leading experts in this field has really helped me to shape my own perspective of how the world works.

Outside of client work

In my first years at Oliver Wyman, I was part of the Welcome Team in Paris to ensure successful integration of our new joiners. I also led the organization of the Paris offsite, taking the teams to St-Malo in Brittany.  Later, I participated for 4 consecutive years in the Raid Centrale Paris (a five day, team event covering 250+ km of mountain biking and trail running).  I have also supported a partner in teaching a class, “Strategy in Financial Institutions”, at HEC Paris. While I am now refocusing my firm contribution towards supporting marketing activities and recruiting, I know there is an unlimited amount of firm activities to participate in; everyone here is truly contributing to make the firm a better place.

Outside of OW, I am passionate about literature, paintings, theater, and opera – while also doing a lot of sports. Even in peak periods, I have had open discussions with the partners to ensure I could maintain my work/life quality to keep living those passions. This reflects a general commitment from partners and senior management to ensure everyone finds the balance necessary to keep evolving their career at the firm.