There are no artificial barriers to your career growth here


Why Oliver Wyman?

There were 2 main factors:

  • Corporate culture—Oliver Wyman has a unique family-like culture.  The people that you work with become your friends.  In fact, one of my co-workers was my best man at my wedding.
  • Career development—there are no artificial barriers to your career growth. You will be given as much responsibility as you can efficiently manage and you will obviously be rewarded for this (promotions here are not tenure based)


Though there is a formal mentorship program here, in reality, there are quite a few people that I consider as mentors. Oliver Wyman’s corporate culture implies apprenticeship at all levels. Every partner / manager (or even a peer consultant) that you are working with is willing to help you and provide useful insights and advice. Even when the project is over, people tend to follow your progress and remain helpful.

Most memorable meeting

In just my second project at Oliver Wyman, I was responsible for leading training sessions with the client’s employees as a part of the roll-out and implementation of our project. The most memorable part was that the sessions involved more than 100 people (some through video conferences). This experience helped me to overcome my fear of public speaking, in addition to being an excellent personal achievement and crucial for my career development.

Outside of client work

There are many things to get involved in at the firm!  This is the one of the best features of working here since it allows you to have an impact on the company.  I participate in recruiting (attending university events, CV screens, interviews, etc), the Consultant Committee (which addresses a wide range of issues and concerns), the Social Committee and a few sport teams (football & squash).  I am also a member of the Oliver Wyman rock-n-roll band.