I have a passion to create, but also to implement. At OW I have realized just that: creating long-term impact for clients by being passionate about what I do every single day


Why Oliver Wyman?

After completing  my internship and finalizing my Master thesis, my decision to join after University was crystal clear.  I was part of a positive and hands-on working atmosphere from Day One.  When thinking about my future professional life, one of the most important factors was to surround myself with people who set me up for broad based growth.  All of the people I met were open-minded, passionate and clever…just the kind of people I wanted to work and spend time with.  Working side-by-side with experienced senior Partners on business and organization transformation while on small, but global teams, allowed me to develop my personal and professional skills in a challenging environment.

Memorable work

We had to support a client team involved in intense negotiations around the transformation of an organization – with two teams not really talking to each other.  It took a lot of time and cooperative work to persuade one of the teams that the change was necessary.  Our collaborative working style and commitment to the project finally enabled the client to reach the targeted result. The positive outcome of these negotiations and the impact for the whole organization still sticks in my mind – as well as the fact that the critical meeting ended in the middle of a snow storm in the early morning hours.

Combining work & personal passion

I have a passion to not only create, but also to implement. At OW I have realized just that: creating long-term impact for clients by being passionate for what I do every single day. This is what the clients really appreciate about our projects, as well as the high quality and rigorous material we create for them.  I dedicate the majority of my leisure time to painting and creative work.  Living in Frankfurt allows me to visit great exhibitions which show young and established artists.  For me, the critical analysis of creative processes in art, culture and business sharpens my competencies to deal with new and uncertain situations. This can be crucial while supporting organizations during large scale transformations.  My personal and professional experiences have generated  perspectves that I would have benefitted from as a student,  so I participate in a mentoring program at my business school.  It is inspiring to see young, motivated people starting to develop their individual perspectives on their future career.

Unique culture

For me, Oliver Wyman is a great place to work. It is a place where the projects can be very intense but you will never feel as if it is more than a person can give.  We have a nice group of colleagues who will meet on Fridays in the office, either by playing tabletop soccer, having lunch together or for an after-work drink.  In addition, there’s a variety of social events, such as quarterly OW Days, summer and holiday activities.  We catch up on current topics, discuss the development of the firm with the management team and work together on additional business related and internal activities.