The teams that I work with motivate and inspire me every day. They are extremely talented and passionate and it drives me to learn more and be better

Marica - Consultant

Why Oliver Wyman?After 13 years consulting at another firm, I was looking for someplace where I could continue to work in healthcare consulting, especially focusing on strategies that will transform the healthcare delivery landscape. Oliver Wyman was the sort of small and growing company I found appealing. The firm has a very progressive view of what it means to transform healthcare and allows me to work at the seams of the payer and provider worlds.

MentoringI’ve benefitted from some wonderful mentors at Oliver Wyman including my advisor, the lead of our Health Services practice who participated in a leadership development program with me, Partners who took a bet on me early in my time here and, lastly, some amazing female Partners who have been extremely generous with their time and guidance. All of their support has really helped me grow while at the firm. In turn, I think it’s important to serve as a mentor for more junior staff and was recently selected as the Core Consulting Group lead for the Chicago Office, a position in which I oversee all of our unaffiliated staff, address concerns, provide mentorship, and ensure that they are all getting the most of their experiences at Oliver Wyman.Memorable moments

Each year Oliver Wyman sponsors the Health Innovation Center conference which I have found to be extremely impactful and exciting to attend. It’s a collection of 500+ senior industry leaders across the healthcare market who connect and share perspectives on the challenges and innovations that are impacting their business models. It’s an amazing event that brings together constituents that wouldn’t normally be in the same room. Our event provides them the opportunity to think about what Health Market 2.0 will look like in the future and how they can ride the wave of change successfully. To me, this is a unique and fulfilling experience to work with the leaders who are truly innovating and making change in the healthcare space.