Being able to explore different roles has made my career interesting


Career path

Before joining Oliver Wyman, I worked as a programmer for five years.  I joined Oliver Wyman as a Business Systems Analyst in the London office, to gain experience in a new role within a different industry.  After three years with OW, I moved up to Business Systems Manager, and recently transitioned into my current role as Technology Solutions Manager, where I am responsible for the application development team and the strategic technologies we use to build and support the organization's business processes and client solution objectives.  Being able to explore different roles within ITS has made my career at OW continually interesting and has given me new challenges to explore throughout my time here.

Career development

I’ve had a lot of opportunities to take on new roles and new projects at Oliver Wyman, and have always felt that OW really allows for career development.  Each year my manager takes time to discuss my career goals with me and we have worked together to look for opportunities to progress along them and continue to develop.  Having those open conversations has allowed for more opportunities and personal improvement than I would have had otherwise.

Personal goals

For me, one of the biggest benefits to working at Oliver Wyman was the opportunity to move to New York for four years as a part of my role as a Business Systems Manager.  I always had the goal of living and working abroad in the United States;  I was thrilled by the opportunity to do just that!