The fast-paced and immersive environment taught me a lot, in an accelerated way across diverse topics


Why Oliver Wyman?I joined from University and I felt OW was a highly diverse consultancy from my exchanges with OW consultants & partners at recruiting events and during the recruiting process. I had no idea what I wanted to do after my studies, and that was one of the reasons I chose consulting. I wanted to have a taste of different industries and topics before choosing my field of expertise. OW has lived up to my expectations. I have been able to work on a large range of diverse projects.

Real work, real fastMy very first project was a due diligence for a financial group looking to invest in Africa. Even though I was a fresh, out-of-school consultant, I was fully responsible for researching three countries out of the six targeted by our client. My analysis encompassed market sizing, outlook assessment, local market structure, and competitive landscape. A few weeks after our project, the client invested $125 million in the target we assessed!

Unique cultureI really feel that OW has helped me grow into an adult. When we come out of school, we have very few ideas on how the real world works. Being in a fast-paced and immersive environment such as OW has taught me a lot, in an accelerated way and across many diverse levels (business, content, and soft-skills).

Work life qualityOverall Oliver Wyman offers good flexibility. Of course, we experience rush periods of intense work, but on the other hand when work is lighter we are free to adapt our personal life (working at home, flexible hours, etc.). The firm is very open to discussing specific arrangements, such as leaves or externships, and will try the best to make it work! Through the FlexOW program, I taken a whole month off to travel. Few companies can offer such flexibility.