At Oliver Wyman you are respected for who you are. Together we create a safe environment where everyone can bring their whole selves to work


Why Oliver Wyman?

After studying in the Netherlands, I went back to Warsaw and was seeking a job in an international environment, possibly in the field related to consulting. OW had just established its office in Warsaw, and as I watched the introduction video on the Oliver Wyman website, I was amazed by the values, which reflected my personal beliefs so well. I was deeply attracted by the possibility of having an impact on the culture of the newly established office.

When I joined OW after University, I wasn’t really sure about my career goals. However working here helped me to constantly focus on my development; I learn and improve almost every day. I’ve become a much better person, colleague, and employee. I’m accustomed to new challenges, sudden problems, and even a daily routine…all thanks to my managers and supervisors, who've noticed my potential, hard work and dedication and put new challenges and tasks in my way. Now, after three years here, I have become a mentor myself, and support junior colleagues on their career paths.

Unique Culture

Before joining OW I thought that working for a global corporation would simply be only hard work in an extremely competitive environment. I now realize it can be different; working for this firm is truly an exceptional experience.  And, it’s especially because of the people here. Everyone is keen to help you and support you in your career development. I’m also proud of being part of the employee resource groups (ERGs), especially GLOW.  There are not many companies openly supporting their LGBTQA+ employees on such a scale, definitely not in Poland.  Apart from Warsaw, I’ve been to London, New York, and the Barcelona offices; in each of these places I felt the same positive vibe.

Outside of Day-to-Day Work

I am involved in GLOW as the local Leader in Warsaw and am the group’s Global Communication Officer. I also support other ERGs in Warsaw, especially cross-ERG activities. A key first milestone was launching GLOW in Warsaw.

My favorite GLOW event is the Reverse Mentoring Session, which aims to create awareness of the LGBTQA+ colleagues. They share their stories of reaching professional success and the difficulties they had to overcome. These sessions tend to be very emotional, and contribute to expanding people’s perspectives. OW colleagues join GLOW for many reasons. Some because they seek a strong sense of belonging, others to support their LGBTQA+ friends.  Many of our staff are eager to learn how to be more inclusive and search for new means of self-development.

For me being an active member of GLOW reinforces that I can do something good for others.  My aim is to ensure LGBTQA+ graduate joiners will see the rainbow flags in our offices or that a new senior hire will attend one of our events, and both of them will realize that Oliver Wyman is an inclusive and diverse workplace.