At every point in my career, I have received crisp, clear feedback


Why Oliver Wyman?I joined from the biotech industry after being a post-doctoral scientist at Genentech, Inc. There were a couple of things which attracted me to Oliver Wyman. The people were the main factor. Everyone was friendly and the culture was amazing. The second thing was the meritocratic culture. One of our previous recruiting slogans was ‘Get there faster’. I am a living, breathing example of that. I wouldn’t have progressed as quickly at any other consulting firm. I was convinced that I would be a consultant just for a couple of years before departing for a life sciences firm. However, once I started here, I realized I loved it – so I’m still here today!

Real Work, Right AwayAfter just eight weeks at OW, I was staffed on a project by myself with a Partner. It was an M&A case. It was my job to conduct the interviews, compile the research, and present the materials. It was a very senior role early in my development and gave me a glimpse of what it could be like down the road. Sadly enough, about four weeks into the project, the client decided that they no longer wanted to proceed since the target was acquired by someone else!

Unique CultureAt every point in my career, I have received crisp, clear feedback on what I needed to do in order to advance. The feedback gives me something to strive towards, so I never feel as though I am stagnating professionally. In addition to career development, I appreciate Oliver Wyman’s FlexOW programs which allow staff to alter their schedules, take a sabbatical or experience an Externship or Non-Profit Fellowship. One of the things I always wanted to do was take time off and travel. Through FlexOW, I was able to take four months off; I went on a trip around the world with stops in Asia, Europe and South America. Without the firm’s support, that would never have been a possibility.

Combining Professional & PersonalAs a member of the Health & Life Sciences practice, I have come to realize how much our personal behavior affects the overall cost of healthcare in this country. I have totally changed how I approach my health when it comes to receiving services. I never let my family members go to the emergency room (unless they really need to) and I watch doctor’s charges like a hawk – no way will I let them run unnecessary diagnostics on me anymore.