We work on real problems in real time; very much in the ‘eye of the storm’


Why Oliver Wyman?

After several years as an engineer working in the US, UK and France, I wanted to move from technical roles into strategy. Consulting was one the best options and Oliver Wyman was the best place to leverage my international experience. My decision to join over other consultancies was due to the specialization in the financial services industry. And, it is a global firm with a multi-cultural environment and project work in different countries. Now as I’m a Partner, it was clearly the appropriate decision to take.

Real Work, Right Away

My first project was to define the new business model of a declining insurance company, where I not only worked closely with their board but even with unions to negotiate the new business model. I have since experienced a vast range of projects with retail and investment banks, consumer finance specialists and governments. The work has taken me to UK, France, Spain, Ireland, Iceland, South Africa and now Mexico. We aim to develop the market covering several topics such as strategic planning, performance management, consumer and SME financing and mobile financial services. When I joined OW I never though that I was going to learn so much and be involved in so many hot topics. Even as a Partner now, I am eager to continue learning in this fast-paced environment.

Most Memorable Project

Working for the government of a country hit by the financial crisis, I was part of the negotiation with the IMF and foreign debtors. My comments and recommendations were highly respected by the IMF organization and top management from international banks. The OW view was the first opinion reviewed in any forum. It was particularly memorable since we were working on real problems in real time; very much in the ‘eye of the storm’.

Combining Professional & Personal

Working at Oliver Wyman is a demanding job, however the company puts effort into ensuring that we can balance our personal and professional lives. During my work in South Africa, I became certified in scuba-diving and since then, I have enjoyed the sport while working in Iceland and Mexico, to name a few locations. At a Christmas dinner that I was invited to by a client, I enjoyed chatting about opportunities in emerging markets with my tablemate who ended-up being the owner of the bank (!). Perhaps the greatest combination of professional and personal was meeting my girlfriend during work in South Africa and keeping the relationship together throughout various countries. I have since convinced her to move to Mexico, where I’m now working!