I love that my voice is always heard


Why Oliver Wyman?

I was impressed with Oliver Wyman throughout the recruiting process for my internship; the firm really stood out because of the interesting and motivated people, its commitment to developing talent through the ranks, and the international staffing opportunities.  After spending a summer as an intern, I felt confident that Oliver Wyman was the right place to start my career, a place where I could grow and develop for as long as I wanted, and a fun, challenging environment for young consultants.  Since joining, I’m happy to confirm that I’ve explored different industries while developing specific knowledge and expertise, been provided management opportunities, and met a ton of interesting people (including my clients!)  As I continue to build my professional network and skillset, I feel supported and empowered to remain at the firm for as long as I want, or to explore other opportunities.  Though I have no plans to leave any time soon, I like the flexibility and the wide range of options that my colleagues have pursued after departing Oliver Wyman.

Global opportunities

The opportunities that I’ve had to travel and see the world have continued to develop my passion for stepping out of my comfort zone.  I was lucky enough to be staffed overseas on a large project team comprised of more than a dozen clients.  Each month, clients and consultants from around the world would gather for a week, allowing us to work face-to-face and have a bit of fun as well.  One month, we had a team-building offsite with the client team in Epernay, France.  In addition to tasting some delicious champagne at the end of the day, it was the first time I had the opportunity to really bond with clients and build relationships outside of an office setting.  I know that I’m in the right place professionally when I actually get excited to awaken for a 6am Monday morning flight every week!  I love the fast-paced, impactful work that we do, and the amazing people that I get to do it with every day.  I’ve worked throughout the US, Europe and Australia since joining. 

Real work, right away

Even from Day One as an intern, I have contributed more than I expected.  I love that my voice is always heard, even as the most junior member on the project.  Our apprenticeship model affords consultants the opportunity to constantly learn and grow…as soon as we think we’ve mastered a skill, we’re provided a totally different situation and given new responsibilities.  One particular project that stands out to me is the first time I became a client’s ‘go-to’ contact.  The sense of personal commitment and responsibility made the role challenging and impactful for me.  I still keep in touch with the client on a personal basis and hope to work with her again in the future.

Outside of client work

In addition to all of the skills I have developed here, the network of people I’ve met are second to none. There are so many different ways to be involved outside of client work!  I have been a member of our Ministry of Fun, the social committee in Boston, and an avid supporter of COW (Carnivores of Oliver Wyman--we attend quarterly steak dinners).  I am also passionate about recruiting, serving on the Penn campus coverage team.  Lastly, I served as the Boston chapter head of WOW (Women of Oliver Wyman), coordinating our local efforts and liaising with our global WOW organization.  I have met lifelong friends and mentors here.