The firm has provided plenty of opportunities for me to deliver impact to clients, and even to society


Why Oliver Wyman?I was not exactly sure what I wanted to do with my career when I joined. All I knew was that I was a young professional aspiring to work at a best-in-class consulting firm. Now that I’ve been working for a while, I have come to discover that what drives me is to make a continuous impact. I have found that I can achieve this both within OW and outside of it. The firm has a big enough platform and plenty of opportunities for me to deliver impact to clients and even to society. If I ever decide to start up a venture of my own in the future, OW will have helped equip me with the essential skills I will need.

Real work, real fastI was given real responsibilities on the very first project I was assigned to. And, to be exact, I worked on modelling numbers that went into a deck for the client’s CEO -- on my first day of work at Oliver Wyman!

Unique cultureI think our Hong Kong office probably has one of the best environments among consulting peers in the region. My Oliver Wyman colleagues are the most fun crowd I have been with. OW people know how to work hard and also play hard. The firm’s strong emphasis on work/life quality is commendable. Our managers strive to protect consultants from unnecessary long hours. All of my managers have been supportive of my own personal exercise regimes and I have been able to, on most occasions, squeeze in some gym time. OW people hold the attitude that weekends are sacred. While my colleagues have sometimes gathered together on weekends, such instances are most likely due to social events rather than work.

Outside of client workConsultants that are not yet aligned to our industry practice groups contribute to the firm via the Core Consulting Group (CCG), of which I am actively involved in the APR Chief of Staff. I am proud to be part of this vibrant group because CCG consultants stand firm as an integral part of Oliver Wyman.  Junior consultants are empowered to truly shape the firm, and are connected to a global CCG community of “clever, cosmopolitan, growing” people!   I’m also involved in our employee resource group, WOW (Women at Oliver Wyman).  Lastly, I have been running ever since I joined OW and participated in the running team where we ran the HK Unicef 10KM.  Outside of the firm, I am a Lego and puzzle lover, a rock-climbing beginner and surfer.  I currently have a bigger balance in my mileage and hotel point accounts than my main bank account!