Our staff approach their work with a level-headedness & poise that makes working here both easy & enjoyable


Why Oliver Wyman?I enjoyed the continuously evolving nature of the work as a summer intern at Oliver Wyman, as well as the opportunity to work on a variety of challenging projects and to learn from a broad spectrum of incredibly bright people. They approached their work with a level-headedness and poise that made working with them both easy and enjoyable. I gladly accepted the offer to join as a full-time consultant after the internship.

Real Work, Right AwayI worked on a series of short projects during the course of my first year. The highlights included owning most of the analysis for an operational due diligence project for a private equity client, creating a valuation model for a legal case that utilized multiple industry accounting standards, and getting to a point in my first six to eight months where I was, independently, working with clients both one-on-one and in large, formal settings. While developing the skills to independently tackle tough quantitative problems requires a great deal of effort, I found properly preparing myself for large client audiences to be a rewarding endeavor, requiring more preparation than I expected and a strong emphasis on clear communication and quick thinking. Now as a manager, I encourage others to do the same.

Impact on the CommunityI have been a co-chair of Oliver Wyman’s annual New York Office Charity Auction. I learned how much goes into pulling off large fundraisers and making them a success. We raised over $90,000 for a foundation focused on developing health centers in Africa. I am also a longtime supporter of Habitat for Humanity and volunteer with them here in New York and elsewhere. I recently took time off to cycle and volunteer with an organization to raise money for Habitat and other affordable housing organizations.

Unique CultureGood humor and having a little fun are part of what makes working here so special and it really helps in building stronger bonds with colleagues. To give an example, I had one colleague who, during our time together, balanced tremendous diligence with a remarkable sense of humor and a zest for keeping our team entertained, even during late nights in the office. Whether it was a pre-flight bike ride in formal business attire, taking a break to see Christopher Walken on stage, or our regular Thursday afternoon waffles, there was always something fun afoot.