I have a number of people around me that push me to achieve more and provide great career advice


Why Oliver Wyman?The key factor was the good reputation of the company. I was not 100% certain about my career goals right out of University. I’d had previous intern experiences in accounting, marketing & sales, and even on the trading floor of a major bank. I knew that Oliver Wyman would teach me valuable skills and provide me great opportunities to learn and be stretched. Also, everyone I met before joining was friendly and seemed similar to me. Without a doubt, it’s been a great place to start my career and has changed the way I view myself. I am now aware that with Oliver Wyman I am someone who can genuinely influence the way organizations operate and perform. More importantly, I have learned that I can deal with pressure, complex problems and being outside of my comfort zone.

Most memorable client momentI was working in Lisbon for a retail bank and we had a meeting with some of the senior directors at the bank. My managers and the Oliver Wyman Partners on the project, due to a combination of illness and travel problems, were unable to make the meeting. The Partners decided that I should lead the meeting by myself. The meeting wasn’t easy and the client’s directors were opinionated, regularly speaking Portuguese to each other (knowing I couldn’t understand what they were saying). However, by the end of the meeting they were all smiles and we managed to reach an agreement on how best to proceed. It showed me that I was able to perform under pressure. And, I really appreciated the Partners trusting me and giving me an opportunity that I wouldn’t have received in many other jobs.

Unique cultureI joined with 12 other people when I started and it has been great having a peer group (I now think of them more like siblings!) to grow up with in the firm. They have also become some of my best friends—they even made my wedding guest list! On a professional level, the Oliver Wyman talent management team (aka “staffing”) focuses on helping me to get placed on projects that develop the skills I need and assigned the opportunities that I desire. I have a number of people around me that push me to achieve more and provide great career advice. For instance, my Career Development Advisor has helped me understand that consulting is full of ups and downs -- I do my best to remember that when I’m on an up, a down might be round the corner; when I’m on a down, an up is not too far away!