In Oliver Wyman you really feel like you can make a difference


Why Oliver Wyman?

I initially applied because of the firm’s international presence and the reputation within the consulting industry. However, after further investigation and after my first interviews, I quickly found out that Oliver Wyman prides itself on creating a specific culture. The one thing I heard time and again was that Oliver Wyman values its employees and that the best thing about working for Oliver Wyman is the people you work with. I can safely say that this is very true; the people here are second to none. The reason this is the case is through the culture and collaborative spirit. When I was first applying I noticed the existence of employee resource groups (ERGs). These groups allow employees to mold the companies culture to make it the most inclusive and diverse environment that I have ever experienced. It was with this knowledge that I decided to join Oliver Wyman and I have not been disappointed.


 At the very beginning of my employment here, I was able to discuss my career goals with my manager. We didn’t just discuss goals for the year to come, but for my career as a whole. I was able to plan a path and set specific targets. Highlighting this to my manager and creating specific aims has provided the opportunity to move from a development role into a business analyst / relationship manager role. This is a big step in my career, and is a little daunting, but it is made so much easier because of the support and guidance I get from my manager and my peers.

The one thing to understand about this company is that it is not just your manager who will be willing to guide you towards your goals; you can find support and guidance from everyone. People are willing to share their experiences to help you progress towards your goals. This is the essence of the company.  OW has a culture where everyone works together, whether you are a support professional, a consultant, a senior manager or a junior employee. It is in this environment that I have started to realize my goals.

In my everyday work I don’t get a huge amount of opportunity to practice and demonstrate leadership skills.  It is through my involvement with the employee resource groups that I have been able to develop such skills.  I joined EMPOWERED when I started and quickly progressed to the co-chair position in Warsaw. This gave me the responsibility, along with my fellow leaders, to develop and nurture the culture in a newly opened office in Warsaw. It’s been very exciting and insightful. I have developed my leadership skills much quicker than I would have otherwise and am now expanding my EMPOWERED involvement to include Europe.  My role as the EMEA leader means that I have to work with all of the chapter leaders in the region to ensure that they have the support and direction they need to make a positive impact. I meet regularly with the global leaders for EMPOWERED, I&D and the other ERGs to develop strategies for enhancing our inclusive and diverse working environment.

Combining personal and professional

I have a strong passion for equality and the way in which it is understood or misunderstood by many people. I also have a drive and desire to learn and experience other cultures and countries. Working at Oliver Wyman has given me the opportunity to explore both of these areas. It’s unique to explore how a company with offices across the world approaches workplace equality. I have had the chance to try and improve the culture by strengthening the values of equality. This is not something I would expect to do within any company! Traveling to other offices in the Americas and Europe has been remarkable and suited my passion for exploration.