Even after many years here, I feel I am in an environment where I can continue to grow and shape my career.


Why Oliver Wyman?I joined after my successful internship. Oliver Wyman stood out from other firms because of the flexibility it offers in helping you craft your career. When you begin right out of university, you are not joining some kind of program where you are expected to depart or make a change after 2 years. I truly felt throughout the recruiting process that the OW interviewers were looking for the type of people who would stay at the firm for several years. I have been extremely happy to be able to grow quickly and take on more and more responsibility rather than worry about what my next career move might be.

In addition, consultants can specialize as early as desired or take the time to gain exposure to a variety of industries. I have worked across all of our practice groups with clients ranging from major airlines to apparel manufacturers. Lastly, the Flex-OW talent programs allow you to take different paths in your career while remaining at the firm. They have allowed me to relocate across the world for a year (Singapore) and take a month off to travel. These programs contribute to career growth and help with work/life quality.

Personalizing Your CareerPersonal and career goals are not necessarily discrete here. Both are weighed equally and discussed together. From day one I have felt that the firm supported both my personal and professional goals by providing outlets to discuss them and mechanisms to achieve them. First and foremost, Oliver Wyman broadly, and my mentors and advisor specifically, have created an environment where I can be open and honest about what my goals are…including those outside of the firm. From the start, I never felt uneasy discussing a range of internal and external opportunities with my advisor who has, in fact, encouraged such conversations. I sought a wide variety of experiences across industries and geographies. My advisor, and the firm, have been very supportive in helping me secure the opportunities I wanted:

  • When I indicated a desire for an international staffing assignment, I was soon on a plane to Colombia
  • When I relayed an interest in relocating to our Singapore office, the firm was nothing but encouraging and I eventually spent a year there
  • When I requested a month off to travel, the firm was very supportive and I traveled to a few destinations in Asia--diving in the Philippines, five days in Cambodia and road tripping across New Zealand’s South Island--it was a phenomenal experience
  • It is this flexibility and support that has prompted me to stay with Oliver Wyman for as long as I have.

Real Work, Real FastBy the fourth week of my internship (yes…internship!) I was working nearly autonomously at the client site (an aviation maintenance facility in Atlanta), scheduling meetings, collecting data, and summarizing my findings. I distinctly remember one day getting up to leave for a meeting and my manager asked me where I was going. I informed her that I had scheduled a meeting with the client. She smiled and told me to go ahead with the meeting and that she did not need to be there. In that moment I realized how quickly consultants gained responsibility at Oliver Wyman and how much trust there was amongst colleagues.

Most Memorable MeetingWhile working at a Fortune 500 apparel company in the US, I had the opportunity to attend a meeting with my client, the head of the direct-to-consumer division, and the CEO of the company. During this meeting a document that I created which highlighted the future strategy of the direct-to-consumer business was presented to the CEO. We spent over an hour discussing the future of the division and I was able to make meaningful contributions. It was an amazing moment to be a part of a process where the company’s future was being determined and to have my work so highly valued by the most senior members of our client’s organization.