I get to work with leaders of the industries I care about, helping to produce important business outcomes that have positive outcomes for the world around me. That’s pretty good!


Why Oliver Wyman

I joined after graduating college. Before Oliver Wyman, I had worked as an intern in the U.S. Senate and then in several different intern roles at Google. But ultimately I looked to consulting (after considering some still-stranger options) as a real opportunity to get to learn a lot and for the promise of work that would be immediately and broadly impactful, which has turned out to be quite accurate! Oliver Wyman was appealing in that regard because its work – and culture – always seemed more driven by a desire to forge lasting impact and solutions. On top of that, the ability to specialize and the support the firm provides in building a career aligned with my focus industries is what really stood out.

Real work, right away

My first project – and every project since – saddled me with real responsibilities. One thing people misunderstand is that you don’t have to be the ultimate expert at everything to be the expert in enough to really help people. Clients who have been doing their jobs well for a long time still understand that we consultants can bring a fresh perspective. Further, by studying the clients’ issues and leveraging our own tools and Oliver Wyman intellectual capital in the right way, we can really drive helpful results.

Of course, since my first project, I like to think I’ve developed some real expertise on a variety of subjects, but there are always new challenges. I get to work with leaders of the industries I care about, helping to produce important business outcomes that have (hopefully) positive outcomes for the world around me. That’s pretty good!

Career Development

The key way Oliver Wyman provides strong opportunities for career development is in the support and encouragement around specialization. Forging relationships and interests within industry verticals is a great way to get more exposure to that kind of work in parallel with the business-building skills of client and intellectual capital development.

Additionally, I’ve had mentors here with the common thread being that they are the type of people willing to talk about an individual’s many different objectives (and paths to achieving them) not only within Oliver Wyman but in consulting, careers, and life in general. I think that’s the kind of perspective necessary to offer really good insights and career advice.

Outside of Client Work

I think my greatest contribution to the firm has been the really exciting work I have helped drive as one of the co-chairs of EMPOWERED (Employees of Oliver Wyman Enabling Racial & Ethnic Diversity), one of our employee resource groups, working to help make the firm a more inclusive and diverse place. We’ve had an impact and a voice across all different subjects, from recruiting to trainings and lots in between. We are really making a difference in positive cultural change. I am also a local volunteer for GrOW (Global Sustainability Network & Green Team) which aims to help green our travel-intensive industry and firm.

Outside of Oliver Wyman, I’m pretty big into food – cooking it, eating it, learning about it. Since there are numerous restaurants of every cuisine and price point to explore, it’s probably my favorite thing about NYC. I love to visit different enclaves to explore global tastes – Balkans in Astoria, Flushing Chinatown, etc. I also try my hand at apartment gardening, making the best of my balcony to do some local farm-to-table fare, and I love to bake – sometimes for colleagues and clients, depending on the mood!