There’s always someone you can reach out to here for career advice and work/life quality issues


Career path

After I graduated from university, I took a professional role helping manage the student IT support team at my college. Two years later, I joined Oliver Wyman as a desktop support analyst and after a few years stepped into a Project Management role within the information technology team. Seeking new experiences, I departed OW to work for firm that developed media centers and content distribution to various clients. It was short-lived and I returned to Oliver Wyman to become a Service Relationship Manager. Later, I was able to transfer from NY to London, and now cover practice services initiatives globally. My relocation to the UK has really helped me to continue my personal and professional development.

Career development

The firm is really open and supportive of individuals and their goals, both inside OW and “externally” within the MMC family. There are ample resources for individual training, group training, and other development opportunities. Work/life quality is very important to Oliver Wyman, and throughout my career I feel like I have maintained a good balance. Although there are peaks and troughs, when things get too hectic, there is always someone you can reach out to for assistance (such as your manager) and it is taken very seriously.

Memorable meeting

One of the most memorable meetings I was a part of happened during the financial crisis. The firm was honest with employees about where we stood and steps that were being pursued to keep from having to let anyone go. The leadership and staff spoke frankly, but were very considerate of everyone’s position. We did end up letting some colleagues go, but it was done as respectfully as that kind of thing can be done. Any firm can treat people with dignity when times are good, but I think it spoke volumes about Oliver Wyman because of the way that situation was handled.

Outside of client work

You can be as involved as your appetite allows, and there are a wide range of different activities and causes to be a part of here. I used to be active with both the OW NY and London support staff committees. Currently, I am involved in OW sports (basketball) and am the EMEA regional lead for EMPOWERED, our employee resource group. I assist the local European and Middle Eastern EMPOWERED leads with their office strategies, share best practices, and overcome any challenges they have locally. I meet with OW senior leaders to build our advocate/champion network, and determine where EMPOWERED can assist with the business regarding inclusion & diversity initiatives. Additionally, I have hosted a discussion around privilege within the firm, was part of the inaugural EMPOWERED reverse mentoring sessions, and actively participate in other EMPOWERED London events.