I admire the company’s commitment to maintaining work/life quality for its staff


Why Oliver Wyman?

Before joining Oliver Wyman, I had experience working across a variety of international organizations-- as a computer science research trainee in a Finnish University, as a software developer in India, and as a summer associate at a global investment bank’s Equities Trading desk in Hong Kong. After completing my MBA, my plan was to keep experimenting by getting exposure to a diverse set of industries and work cultures—consulting felt like the perfect way to do that.  At Oliver Wyman, I felt there was a larger scope of global opportunities since Oliver Wyman’s consultants are fungible across a global pool which allows them to work in international locations on a regular basis.  Consultants have enough independence to specialize in niche areas in FS, or in emerging industries across the firm.  Additionally, because OW is a smaller and energetic firm in India, it allows for faster options of career growth and more ownership of content.  Even junior consultants get a lot of interaction with Partners.  These reasons not only motivated me to join, but continue to motivate me to stay with the firm.


Oliver Wyman is highly mentorship-driven firm and provides a new consultant with regular opportunities to learn and improve through formal and informal mentors. One of my early mentors was my first project manager. It was a due diligence project which was quick, tough and intense. My mentor helped me to understand the level and significance of attending to the details required at each point of the project. This helped me in channeling the right part of my potential for the right amount of time.  Basically, my mentor helped me bridge the gap between college and professional deliverable quality.

I have had other mentors from time to time in the form of consultants, and even Partners, who have helped me settle in to the OW way of life.

Memorable meeting

Within a couple of months of joining the firm, I attended the firm’s annual offsite where the staff across Asia-Pacific gathered for firm updates and socializing together. It was quite memorable due to the networking opportunities it provided with senior members of the firm, and also because it helped me to get to know my fellow new consultants better.

Work-life quality

I admire the company’s commitment to maintaining work/life quality for its staff.  Often projects and proposals can overlap with personal commitments and make this balance difficult. However, the firm as a whole is very devoted to making sure that these personal commitments are not ignored. For example, I was assigned to a three-week project in Indonesia, and being a travel enthusiast, decided not to return home until I had explored the beaches of Bali and Java to my fullest content. It wasn’t too tough to get a time-off immediately following the project. Additionally, there are several initiatives available through the Flex-OW programs which enable consultants to recharge their batteries from time to time.