The people here are globally-minded and interesting who have diverse interests outside of the office and contribute to Oliver Wyman’s cooperative culture


Why Oliver Wyman?

Many reasons…global clients, global consulting, global staffing means opportunity to work in many countries and discover many cultures and work environments. On arrival at the firm, consultants have the chance to realize impact, undertake responsibility and engage in serious work, often at the cutting edge of industry.

Real work, real fast

Within my first year at the firm, I was involved in several key strategic projects advising clients on decisions which could fundamentally transform their businesses. One such project involved advising one of the world’s largest banks on a strategy for expanding across Asia including selecting priority markets, products and how to build their capabilities. I have spent significant time working in six different countries across three continents.  I have enjoyed this greatly as it has increased my understanding of new cultures, and enabled me to experience things I would never see as a tourist. I now feel that the world is my home!

Combining professional with personal passion

I have been able to combine my personal passions with my profession through a number of avenues.  I spend a large part of my weekends running a small global education non-profit organization due to my strong interest in economic development and poverty alleviation. I also went on unpaid leave to travel to Malawi and undertook a 3 week pro-bono consulting project for a global microfinance organization to help them identify strategies to assist poor Malawians gain access to microfinance.

Unique culture

Oliver Wyman’s globally-minded and interesting people have diverse interests outside of the office and contribute to the cooperative culture.  The firm is very good with flexibility for unpaid leave to pursue personal interests outside of the office, and other programs such as the Non-Profit Fellowship and sabbatical breaks.