I was determined to find opportunities where my work and contributions would be meaningful

Timi - Consultant

Why Oiver Wyman?

When deciding where to launch my career, I was determined to find opportunities where my work and contributions would be meaningful and where I would be exposed to different people, industries, and geographies. A career in consulting, and one specifically with Oliver Wyman, met the aforementioned list of demands. With its focus on making lasting contributions and the breadth and depth of expertise across the firm, it seemed only natural that I would gravitate towards OW. The true distinguishing factor though was the people. During information sessions, I met friendly, fun, and intelligent individuals who made me want to be part of the Oliver Wyman family.

Real Work, Real Fast

On my very first project, I was responsible for developing credit risk models to support my client’s risk management capabilities. My primary role was to research the default risk associated with different asset classes and develop the analysis needed to assess the client’s portfolio risk. I was given direct client exposure, and would regularly present my findings and progress during team meetings. The project proved to be quite challenging as I was required to absorb and make use of challenging concepts. However, my background in engineering and the problem-solving skills I had developed helped me overcome these challenges. I also worked with intelligent and supportive team members who were always willing to answer my questions and provide guidance when needed. It was a rewarding experience to know that my work added real value to the client!


I consider many of my colleagues to be invaluable mentors – after all, it takes a village to develop a consultant. Beginning as early as the recruiting process, I was connected with a “buddy” who coached me through the case interview process and gave me tips on how to land a position at Oliver Wyman. Upon my arrival at the firm, I was greeted by a more formal mentor who facilitated the transition into consulting, introduced me to other colleagues, and ensured my general wellbeing. I have also had the pleasure of being mentored by my career advisor. He has been able to offer clear guidance on how to meet my developmental objectives and ensure my projects are aligned with my long-term career goals.

I have also had the opportunity to develop informal mentors here. Through my project work, I have been able to network with Partners, Principals, and Managers who work primarily in our Manufacturing, Transportation, and Energy (MTE) practice – a space which is of great interest to me. Their guidance has, and continues to, expose me to a vast array of project opportunities and develop my consulting toolkit.

Outside of Client Work

Employees of Oliver Wyman Enabling Racial & Ethnic Diversity, EMPOWERED, is an employee resource group that works to promote inclusion and diversity and enhance the culture at Oliver Wyman. Outside of my project work, I am a co-lead for EMPOWERED in Toronto and have helped organize a number of events to help foster inclusion in the office. I believe that when you work with and embrace individuals with different experiences and backgrounds, you expose yourself to novel ways of thinking and ultimately develop richer solutions to a problem.