Our talent programs have prolonged my career here


Why Oliver Wyman?

The terrific people, the non-hierarchical culture, and the very good mix of work-life balance programs to help disengage from consulting life.

Finding my niche

I’ve had plenty of “travel nerd” characteristics since my childhood, and several years into my time at Oliver Wyman, I realized that I really enjoyed dealing with business issues faced by clients in the travel industry. Spending time on airplanes and in hotels made me curious about their problems. Even colleagues who aren’t in my practice have lots of opinions about their travel experiences and what my clients should do!

A world of opportunities

Oliver Wyman’s talent management initiatives, known as Flex-OW, include sabbaticals, externships, and Non-Profit Fellowships. The programs offer a great release valve which has certainly helped prolong my career here. During my tenure, I’ve taken two long breaks -- one to work at a non-profit organization in Asia, and the other to attend business school.

Mentorship culture

A number of people have been mentors to me at Oliver Wyman, including former and current partners, support staff, and even some clients. I’ve learned a tremendous amount, not just about work content but also how to manage my career, and even be better at building friendships and relationships. Consulting is, after all, a people business