I feel really lucky to spend my days in this environment


Why Oliver Wyman?

I was attracted to the field of consulting by the opportunity to work on a range of diverse projects, but it was during the interview process that I began to appreciate the many unique characteristics of Oliver Wyman. The office atmosphere is fun and relaxed, yet the people who work here are the smartest group I’ve ever met. I feel really lucky to spend my days in this environment.

Memorable project

I have worked on a variety of projects but one of the most interesting has been a strategic planning effort for a microfinance organization. Oliver Wyman conducted this project as part of our pro bono initiative, and it allowed us to learning about a growing, rapidly commercializing form of economic development work. My particular task was to develop a microfinance industry outlook which I did by conducting 40 interviews with senior executives at microfinance institutes, leading foundations, and multilateral organizations. I combined interview data with secondary research, and my team used the resulting forecast as our basis for strategy discussions with the client.

Working internationally

I spent four months working for a retail banking client in Mexico City where Oliver Wyman had been engaged to design and implement a new branch incentives program. Going into the project, I spoke some Spanish but I had a tutor to help me improve while I was there since Spanish was the primary language used at the client site. Not only did I escape the winter in New York, but I was able to use my travel budget to visit beaches on the weekends. My Mexico City team flew to Puerto Vallarta one weekend where we chartered a boat and went deep sea finishing. The day was beautiful and we saw sea turtles, sail fish, and groups of dolphins which played alongside the boat. My job manager even caught an enormous fish that we grilled for dinner.

Outside of client work

I play on the Oliver Wyman dodgeball team. We’re a ferocious group of intensely competitive, but athletically challenged, Partners and consultants. Each weekend we play at an elementary school in Manhattan, then go out afterward - definitely a good way to work out any stress that builds up during the week. I am also on a quest with my friend (a fellow OW consultant) to find the best chocolatiere in New York. This endeavor brings us to new neighborhoods, allows us catch up on each others’ lives, and gives us an excellent excuse to visit four chocolate shops in one day.