Funktionale Expertise

Organization Design

We work with organizations to design optimal structures and processes that facilitate the successful execution of business strategies.

Our aim is to build the most powerful organizations that can achieve sustained performance through effective organization design.

Organizational Structure Design

Organizational Structure Design is about creating the most appropriate organizational architecture to enable the achievement of the business strategy. It involves setting the role for the corporate center, the regions, and business units, all aligned with the desired leadership model. It also involves defining organizational charts and roles and responsibilities at each level, to provide a clear understanding of accountabilities and achieve the highest efficiency per design. 

We help organizations build winning architectures and compete by design through clear structures, roles, and responsibilities, which leads to increased accountability and efficiency.

Functional Design

Functional Design is about defining the optimal set-up for each function, striking the right balance between central power and consistency and hybrid local design to best serve the business. Beyond the organizational structure of those functions, process and decision thresholds are defined to reflect the balance between control and empowerment. Finally, the sizing and total cost of each function needs to meet industry best practice in comparable organizational environments.

Role of Center and Business Services Design

We develop the smartest organizational set-ups of Corporate Centers and Global Business Services to support global strategies, enable synergies, and deliver greater service to the business. Starting from the desired role of the Corporate Center, the design of Global Business Services (GBS) will effectively distribute activities between local platforms (GBS) and business units. As GBS will develop over time with typical organizational, governance, and financing models, the service delivered to the business increases efficiency and effectiveness.


We develop advanced corporate governance models that embrace the best of global practices to balance the roles of the board of directors, the CEO, and executive teams. We embrace operational governance as the nervous system of the organization, with the intersection of culture and leadership on one end, and the formal organization structure on the other. Each and every organization has a unique governance model..

We enable outstanding organizational performance in decision-making speed, quality, and execution by designing the most effective operational and board governance structures.

You can only achieve strategic success with the right organization behind one -- it must be well designed, steered by effective leadership teams, and driven by engaged employees.
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