Funktionale Expertise

People Effectiveness

We enable organizations to deliver results by understanding and maximizing the potential of their people and culture to deliver their business strategy.

Top Team Effectiveness

Oliver Wyman helps build and sustain team performance using behavioral analytics to drive practical business actions.

Our work typically starts with behavioral analytics to help design the appropriate 90-day interventions and with coaching to facilitate higher team performance. We improve individual team performance and address performance gaps across a whole set of customer-facing teams.

Leadership Development

We help leaders at all levels develop the capabilities and skills they need to deliver improved business results.

We support leaders as they focus on business challenges by helping to surface and address individual leadership and team dynamic challenges. Our programs and coaching bring together a broad set of tools and techniques to ensure that the teams are supported as they develop leadership capabilities and skills needed to meet their business objectives. We have successfully improved the performance of individual executives, boards of directors, leadership teams, and the top 300 leaders in our clients’ organizations.

Behavioral and Cultural Change

We help develop highly targeted change programs that deliver demonstrable shifts in culture and business results.

We bring deep expertise in behavioral analytics to help develop highly targeted and practical programs of change. We develop risk, customer, learning, and performance-based cultures to suit our clients’ needs.

Strategic Talent Development

We help organizations attract, support, develop, and retain the talent they need for today and in the future.

Our work includes building the structures to attract the diverse talent entering the market today, as well as ensuring that the evolving needs of today’s talent are catered for to minimize attrition rates and to cultivate a sustainable, healthy, and dynamic talent pool. We address talent issues ranging from attracting Generation Z to building new talent from within.

People Effectiveness helps our clients unleash the full potential of their people in a sustained manner – from the board right down to the front line.
Kevan Jones, Partner and People Effectiveness Lead
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