Operational Excellence

In their race for efficiency, manufacturing companies are facing a disruptive and demanding environment but are also struggling with internal hurdles (e.g., a lack of skilled resources, motivation, and management commitment). Despite unceasing improvement programs, companies still don't succeed in spreading and sustaining performance improvement. The challenge is to design an implementation strategy that both delivers an outstanding level of performance and also changes standards and behaviors to sustain performance.

Oliver Wyman has designed a proven methodology based on five pillars; it has been applied in a wide range of businesses and environments:
Strategy and vision: Design ambitious but realistic objectives consistent with the company's strategy and an implementation strategy taking into account the operational context.
Operational practices: Build a toolbox of operational practices supporting performance improvement. These practices must be integral to the global value chain and must support the company's business priorities.
Site structure and network optimization: Redesign the current configuration of production sites and factories, which are often a product of history that no longer corresponds to the company’s current needs in terms of production efficiency or global presence. Often a new organizational division of labor can reduce costs for logistics, warehousing, purchasing, HR, and administration. This includes specialization, reducing complexity, plant closings, and transfers to less cost-intensive locations.
Management systems: Design a performance management system to break down and monitor the realization of objectives - from top management to shop floor. The system has to support decision making based on sound data analysis and to allow tracking of changes and their performance impact.
Behavior and culture: Cultural evolution is the bedrock of sustainable change. Continuous improvement has to become a second life, in which everybody re-thinks current practices to identify sustainable improvements.

In such programs Oliver Wyman has the proven capabilities to support a wide range of measures to maximize client value. We are:

    - A partner to share a vision, to challenge ideas, and to set targets
    - An objective and experienced external point of view to assess and benchmark current performance and practices and to identify improvement opportunities
    - An expert to facilitate project prioritization and implementation planning
    - A problem solver to re-think traditional habits and ensure necessary rigor
    - A coach to foster implementation of new practices, to change behaviors, and ensure sustainability of improvementsA trainer to transfer skills and competencies

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